Each Day is Golden

I’ve been handling my fibers quite a bit as of late – does that sound weird?  Yeah, I guess it does.  But you fiber-holics know what a joy this is!  I had been hoarding a foiled patterned paper for months, waiting for the right opportunity to use it.  When I acquired some golden, shimmery fibers from the Really Reasonable Ribbon Shop, I thought it was about time to dig in.

WarpedOrganzaCheck out how these fibers sparkle in the morning light!

WarpedOrganza_EA lot of wrapping, a bit o’ weaving…

WarpedOrganza_BCoiling, knotting, clustering…

WarpedOrganza_CAnd heat embossing…

WarpedOrganza_DThis was a lot of fun to make and touch, and I’m excited to be inching a bit more into abstract territory not only in my mixed media, but also in my cards!

It’s my turn to share at PaperHaus Magazine today as well, so it’s a double whammy of card projects for y’all here on my blog.  After the fun I had with the dark organza in the card above, I pulled out some of my pink organza and started fiddling with that deliciousness, too.

Full_Shot_CKWA much lighter palette, high on texture thanks to mah fibuhhhhhhzzzz!

Detail_A_CKWOK.  Organza + Sunlight?  That is a beautiful thing!

Detail_B_CKWWrapped this one, too, with a pretty iridescent string from RRR.

Detail_C_CKWThat’s from a Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page set.  Just popped that sucker onto dimensionals and got immediate interest simply from the play of shadows!

Hope you are all doing well this week.  We have been packing up for a big move to the Bay Area.  Next post here, I will once again be a California Girl!  While I will miss the diversity of great foods in Vegas and the home we’ve made for ourselves here, I’m looking forward to having a huge amount of dirt to plant flowers, herbs, and veggies and sharing all the delicious photos with you come spring.


If you’re interested in the supplies I used, I have a full list of materials at PaperHaus and Really Reasonable Ribbon.  Hope you’ll visit me at these inspirational locales in the ether!


16 thoughts on “Each Day is Golden

    • thanks, sharon, and thank you for stopping by!!! the organza is so wonderful to work with. just in case folks don’t know some things you can do with it, i think i’m going to make a little video on it as soon as we are moved in to the new house.

  1. Oh my, your cards are as gorgeous as your mixed media art!!! Even though they are so different, I could not pick a favorite no matter how hard I tried. I just love your art!!!

    • Thank you, Willow! I’m so glad to see you stopping by regularly. My cards are usually more delicate, but the newest card on the blog is a lot like my mixed media projects.

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