A Grungy “Love Nest” for Your Valentine

Hi folks!

I have a new video tutorial I made especially for Hampton Art – combining my burgeoning love of mixed media and grunge with some of their wonderful woodblock stamps (this little crafter happens to feel that they were MADE for grunge!).

PopNCutGrunge_A_CKWIn the video, I use some fab Hampton Art stamps and various media to go grunge with mah Sizzix Pop ‘N Cuts dies and coordinating Sizzlits. Here’s a  shot of the interior made wonderfully dimensional thanks to my friends at Sizzix…

Interior_B And a shot of some of the textures on the interior.

Interior_AHere’s the vid. Remember it’s viewable in HD, so if you want, you can change your viewing settings once you’re there (HD takes a bit longer to load FYI)!

You guys have a lot of restraint.  I’ve done so many videos in various jammies, penguin PJ’s, doggie PJ’s, my robe, and none of you have left any rude comments about that.  Thank you for your kindness and tact.  I so appreciate it – you just never know when inspiration will strike, and sometimes for me that’s right after rising or just before bed…

OK I lie.  I asked hubbie’s advice and he jokingly suggested I tell you that I always change out of my sleeping pj’s and into “crafting pj’s.”  My mother, who has become an avid watcher of my vids, outrightly scolded me about the wearing of jammies saying that it’s really not professional. But doesn’t “professional” imply “paid?” Hahaha!  If “paid”  is to be a part of this passion, then yes, Rama, I shall no longer wear my jammies.

Truth is, I’ve become a terrible homebody/hermit in the last year due mostly to the fact that art and craft have become so important to me and the rest, not so much.  In fact, there are days I never get out of my dang PJ’s :-/   Not good.  Must change that.  Well, that is unless my penguin PJ’s entertain you.  Then they shall stay.  Otherwise, I will make an effort to make my arms fashionable for the camera.

Whelp, until next time!  Hope you’ll check out the video and if you’re feelin’ it, leave me some love at the Hampton Art blog today!



20 thoughts on “A Grungy “Love Nest” for Your Valentine

  1. This is wonderful! I love all your videos, PJ’s and all. Your cool! Glad your doing so much crafting and I love your videos, I watch every one of them and learn so much. I haven’t been posting much lately or been able to craft much lately either, we are rearranging our house and cleaning and have been busy, but can’t get to my stuff at the moment. Gotta finish this big task first. Then I will be right back at it. Have a great day!

  2. I tried to leave this on the video but my computer won’t show the robot proof word tangle.

    Another FAB-ulous video Vivian! The mix of all the great hampton art stamps with so many other goodies is so much fun. I really appreciate your sharing why you use some partiular products or elements in your projects.

    Well you sure have given something new to watch during your videos…how many different sleeves does it take to make 1 video…thanks for the giggles you bring to my day!

    • ROFL! So glad you enjoyed the video as well as my varied and stylish arm adornments. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me some love – this comment made me laugh so hard.

  3. Love this video and everything you teach us, you have inspired me sooo much. So you can ware anything you want, I like to dress when I leave my home other wise comfy PJ for me too.LOL. talent has nothing to do with how we dress, so lets just be comfy, big hugs to you..

  4. Dear Vivian,

    I am writing to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and videos. You have inspired an “artistically challanged” person to gain confidence in herself. By using many of your techiniques and suggestions I have created several cards and pieces of art that I can be proud of. Thank you so very much. Your conversation during your presentations are stimulating and adds a bit of yourself, thoughts, and motivations to the whole concept.

    On the P.J. issue; the idea makes us feel like you are “one of us”, there must be many of us who after a good night’s sleep are in a hurry to begin creating and do not want to even take the time to change into regular clothes—after all changing clothes might interupt the creative flow..lol Don’t feel that you need to change a thing.

    Loving (even though I do not know you personally) I feel a love toward you because of how you have changed my life.

    Dorothy Kiebler (Florida and Pennsylvania)

    • Dorothy… I am floored by your comment. Thank you so much. I’ve been thinking about what you wrote here a lot and am so honored that what I share has affected you in this way. Much love.

  5. Ha! I LOVE that you create in your PJs. If I didn’t have to leave the house to take my daughter to school I don’t think I would change either. 🙂 I am so glad I discovered your YouTube channel and now your blog. So inspiring and you are a wonderful, encouraging teacher. Happy Creating today…in your jammies! 😉

  6. WOW! I am so thrilled to stumble across your blog! What gorgeous work you do! Thanks for sharing! I really love that ‘finger spritzing’! Gonna give it a try!

  7. Vivian, I am right there with you in the “getting dressed is optional today” department! I do a lot of my videos in my jammies too, although I have the camera at such an angle that you can only see the table and the occasional shirt sleeve. One time you could see a sliver of me (I didn’t realize) and my PJ shirt was too small (because why buy new ones?) and you could see BELLY SKIN! That video was promptly deleted and re-shot. I love that your dog barks – and I love that you point out, quite humorously, that free videos come as they come. Keep up the awesome work – layers and layers of awesomeness!

  8. Thank you! I really like listening an watching. You explain your thoughts and process so well and then the demonstrations just make the click! 🙂

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