Another Altered Box

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So y’all know we moved…  Weeks ago…  Why the heck is it taking me so long to get this stuff in order?  Whelp, on the up side, “THERE BE SOME BOXES IN DA HOUSE!”  And it looks like we are well into a pleasant phase of altered crafting!  I’m having so. much. fun!!!

Did you guys catch my last tutorial?

Box_AI still can’t get over that this was once a measly box that served the mundane task of shipping a remote control!  If you haven’t seen it yet, you can click the photo above to see a video on how the box was crafted.  While the box above uses a household item with acrylics…

Today I have for you… an upcycled modum box (lol)…

FullShotCrafted in part with the same aforementioned household item, but with a few new twists, and plenty of goodies from my Scraps of Darkness February “Simple Pleasures” kit.

I share a technique for stenciling on the more subtle side…

ShavingCreamAnd how to go bold with your stencil…

InTheSunFor a range of textures, harmonic patterns and colors…

EdgeAs an educator with Scraps of Darkness, I have prepared my first of two coordinating video tutorials with the February kit featuring this box.

I hope you like it.  Next one should be ready shortly!

Ta ta for now.  I’m off to take a class with Stephanie Ackerman at Scrapbook Island aw yeah!

– Vivian


8 thoughts on “Another Altered Box

  1. Miss Vivian, you are the BOMB, and you can’t believe it was just a cable box, well you just have to watch the video to see the magic being created “-” :):):). I love the colors of your second box, gorgeous, okay dear have a great day, I’m off to watch the magic show right here:)….

  2. very cool that you made something lovely out of a box that probably would have ended up in the bin. great work. i cant see where to click to follow your blog

  3. I like the project, but I to can’t subscribe. I see the follow button, but it tells me I can’t subscribe.

  4. Love the idea of using boxes that you normally throw away, but what is that orange paint/stuff you are using as centre of the flower. I hear you say dimensional crystals but i can not find it anywhere. Love to use it in mixed media as a swirl or veins.
    I can not subscribe to your channel and i really cant figure out why.
    Love your channel look at it on a daily basis and i have learnt so much!!!! thank you.
    lots of love , Anna

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