Varying Surface Absorbency, A Mini Canvas

Oh I’m having so much fun creating tutorials for you. Having the opportunity to play with all the spectacular products Melinda puts together in our Scraps of Darkness kits is DA BOMB!  1) I get to share my excitement with you and 2) this experience with SOD is helping me branch out in a HUGE way and GROW MY CRAFT.  It’s a perfect fit, and for this, I am immensely grateful.  Lovin’ my dark sisters!!!

My video tutorial for you today shares some easy techniques to shake up your working surface and alter its willingness to absorb media.  Hope you’ll take a break from your day to check it out!  Remember, it’s in HD, so if you have the patience to wait for it to load, it’s a much more satisfying viewing experience!

Here is my pretty birdie waiting for you on the tube, entreating you to watch how she came to be…

Bird_SODAin’t she purty?



6 thoughts on “Varying Surface Absorbency, A Mini Canvas

  1. Thanks so much for this! I am a fan of SOD, and enjoy watching your vids. I love to make mixed media pieces, but have never thought to use them on cards!! Now I can use my creations instead of filing them!!

  2. Fabulous video! Love all the colors and texture you created. This is my 2nd viewing to better etch the steps of the process in my mind so I can start playing! Thanks so much for presenting such a clear description both verbally and visually…you are one of my very favs!!

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