The Value of a Class

Wow – I recently had the good fortune of being able to take a workshop at my LSS, Scrapbook Island, offered by Stephanie Ackerman.  Love her style and the ideas behind her class, “52 Card Pickup.”  During the class, I learned some fab easy techniques, had the opportunity to try out new product before buying (aw yeah!!!), and walked away with a few tools in hand that I will definitely use.

Lacking mojo?  Take a class at your LSS.  Mine happens to be AMAZING, bringing in talented professional crafters throughout the year!!! This particular class is actually offered online, too.  So check it out (it just may float your boat!) and check out this crafter’s wonderful style!     During the class, I made a set of cards for hubbie.  The next day at home, I made an entirely new set and assembled it into an accordion fold mini for someone uber special to me.  Here’s a sneak.

MookThat’s the last page and a glimpse of my cocker, Mabu, in the background.  I took this pic in my craft room, which is currently empty as I shall paint it within the next day or so.  I had to get on the ground to shoot my photos, which led Mabu to believe I was interested in wrastling.  So he kept head butting me and groaning while I was trying to shoot pix – I love my goofy MOOK!!!  Of course I put away the camera and we wrastled.  How could I deny those sweet sweet eyes?

If you’d like to see the rest of my grungy mini album, I’d love it if you hopped on over to PaperHaus Magazine today!  And if you feel it, leave me a little comment lovin’ over there.


4 thoughts on “The Value of a Class

    • Thanks, Correna! Thanks so much for the nomination. I feel so badly that I haven’t followed through with passing on the recognition. I will follow through one day soon!

    • hi ava! thanks for stopping by! i hope you are enjoying the gdt at rrr – love the work you’ve been sharing! i have a new technique video coming out this sunday. looking forward to seeing your “dark side.”

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