Girlie and Grunge

Hi there folks!

I have a great bit of news to share with you today!  I will have a guest design spot with Donna Salazar Designs later this year!  The announcement went up at her blog today and I’m quite excited to collaborate with the very talented group of women she has brought together.  Hop on over there and show some love for all the guest designers lined up –  if you are a crafty enthusiast, you will recognize their names!  Woot woot!  My hot glue loves my Donna Salazar Mix’d Media Inx!  That stuff goes on like butter!

In other crafty news, tomorrow I will have an art journaling page to share with you.  Would ya’ like a sneak?

TodayAnd in the gardening department, I have a few pix to share of what’s been going on with the seed-starting.  These petunias are actually much bigger now and all in the ground.  Critters have gotten a few of them 😦

petuniaseedlingA few of the tomatoes below have been transplanted to larger pots, and a few are in the ground already.  Daily picking off the dang aphids and a caterpillar or two.

tomatoA few other heirloom seedlings are on their way to me, so I think we are going to have tons to give away.  My Rosa Bianca eggplants are still small like this.  Probably waiting for the hot heat to blossom.

eggplantseedlingA pair of doves is nesting in our backyard and that just warms my soul.  I tell you, once I pick up the gardening books, magazines, and catalogs, my appetite for information of the horticultural sort grows exponentially.  Yesterday, I made a big decision to put some berries in the ground, too, and see if they like it here.  Blueberries might not like our zone.  But worth a try because really, what could be better than homegrown, chemical-free berries minus the ridiculous price tag?  It’s now time to acidify the soil where they will live and grow. You may see some berry paintings in the Etsy shoppe this summer!

I’ve got a whole new batch of seeds that are just now popping out of their casings.  Several Portuguese cabbages called “Beiron Tronchuda,” supposedly the sweetest of them all,  salmon colored and lime green colored zinnias, and a whole tray of baby’s breath aw yeahhh!  Our kitchen windows are perfect for bringing these babies to life! Shortly, I will tackle the subject of grafting fruit trees, and by next year we are gonna have ourselves an orchard over here!  Or as my mother would say, “Obah heeeeah!”

Today I will hand off some lovingly nurtured tomato and eggplant to my friend, Gwen.  And we have a date to do some much needed craft shopping at good old Hobby Lobby!  So thankful Gwen helps me not be a hermit!

See y’all tomorrow!

– V


21 thoughts on “Girlie and Grunge

  1. Congrats on the guest spot with Donna! What a teaser with the photo for tomorrow!

    You must checkout ladybugs to help with the aphid problem…you will need to look at including some plants that will continue to keep the ladybugs attracted to your garden.

    • I love ladybugs! They fixed a problem with aphids in our Vegas garden. The problem is that when I get them, most often they fly away, even when I follow all the instructions. I am planting a variety of flowering plants and veggies. Any tips are welcome!

      • Ladybugs fly away if there is not enough to eat. I solve the aphid glut by using two sponges, dipped in Ivory soap dishwater, then gently squeezed together on the invested tips which puts lots of soapy water on them. Works like a charm.

  2. That’s awesome that you will be working with Donna!! Looking forward to seeing more of your art journaling page! I watch your videos all the time and learn so much. I recently went from making cards to also doing mixed media art. Your plants are looking pretty awesome if you ask me!!! I think your garden will be really really nice. You have to share more pictures after you plant.

    • thank you, mary! and thanks for your support on my videos. i keep trying and learning how to make them better. hope to see your process and projects, too! the plan with the garden is to combine the flowering plants with a lot of veggies and eventually fruit trees and be able to get a good chunk of our food at home, without having to get in the car. i am planning on making a quick vid to share what’s going on in the garden!

  3. Lovin’ the plants! We are being hit by a small snowstorm today:( There’s nothing more glorious than watching the plants and trees come to life in spring but right now I’d be happy just to see the snow melting and the mud peeking through! BTW, I read a few years ago that if you plant marigolds beside your tomatoes they are a natural pest deterrent. Not sure if it works but may be worth a try.

    Congrats on your guest design spot. Looking forward to seeing your creations. Tracy:)

    • i wish spring came earlier for you guys! are you a gardener, too, tracy? Yes, the green peaking through the soil always makes me soooo happy! i actually started a whole tray of marigolds, and lucky me, I planted them right by the tomatoes!

      • I dabble in the garden. I love researching plants and trying different things every year. Someday I hope to get good at it! LOL. Good luck with the tomatoes!

  4. Congrats on the guest spot. So exciting. Thanks for sharing the garden update. Eeewwww, can’t stand the caterpillars on the tomatoes. Yucky! Ha, ha. Have fun.

  5. Congratulations on your new design spot, looking forward to seeing all you do for them! I love that you enjoy gardening so much. I garden too, we have our own veggie garden and I have tons of flowers too. I want to have berry bushes as well, but as for us we just got hit with about 10 inches of snow, so we are still waiting for spring! I thought last week it was coming but no such luck up here. Have a great day.

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