We Can Depend Upon Today

Hello friends,

I have a project to share with you today.   It’s one of those experiments that I disliked the night before, but in which I saw potential the following day.  I had been getting to know mah papuhhhhhz, looking at the words, sitting with them.  There was a phrase on one piece that said, “Today, Tomorrow, and Forever.”  I realize that this was probably intended to memorialize some scrapper’s page, but this is how it sat with me on this particular day.

FullShotIf you follow me here, you know I’ve been collaging like crazy the past several projects.  I used one of my favorite strings from Really Reasonable RibbonMetallic String, Iridescent –  to bring the eye towards the word that held the most value for me.

TodayI stamped all over my page with Peachy Keen stamps that I had recently used in much simpler project – PK-276 Flower Centers and PK-117 Picnic Tablecloth.

ImpermanentDetailIn the front yard of our new home, we have a beautiful flowering tree.  While I’m an avid gardener, my knowledge of trees is really limited.  So I’m not sure which type of tree it is. Anyway, last month, the bare branches quite suddenly burst into beautiful flower – countless very small nearly white blooms everywhere.  Over the next few days, the flowers would cascade to the grass whenever a soft wind blew. It was a spectacular display, one of those visions in which you feel God’s presence through and through.

And while the blossoms disappeared just as quickly as they had come, I felt like jumping for joy that I had been able to witness it, that I had been able to appreciate the beauty of those few days. It made me think about the life with which I’m blessed, how brief it is in the larger scheme of things, and how important it is to me that I treasure the time which I have been given.

I’m sharing this project with more shots and a supply list over at Really Reasonable Ribbon today.  Hope you’ll stop by and take a gander.


9 thoughts on “We Can Depend Upon Today

  1. I love these contrasts and the look of the layers are beautiful. I saw the rest of the pics on the Really reasonable Ribbon site and they are beautiful.

  2. I love it too, your work is so inspiring and fabulous, you can tell your a REAL artist just how you write and you should be top sales person for Faber Castel, with all your fabulous work you do with there products and videos…Have a great day and thanks for sharing your creativity..

    • thanks so much, dianne! your comment made me so happy. i’ll keep my fingers crossed that faber-castell will ask me back in a larger capacity one day! i do love them.

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