My Core’dinations Creative Frenzy!

Hi friends!

I have a special tutorial to share with you today!  Here’s a detail shot of my art journal page showcasing the technique…

Buds… capitalizing on all the wonderful characteristics of Core’dinations Color Core cardstock.  I regularly turn to these papers when I want to add easy texture and interest to various papercrafted projects.

As my interests in mixed media and art journaling have blossomed, I thought I’d share with you today a technique using Core’dinations that’s a bit more intricate but really just as easy.  So without further ado, here’s the video.

And here’s a pretty card that I made with the scraps of the papers that were altered in the video.  Nothing went to waste.

ScrapCard_AWho knew an ornament punch could be so versatile?  Here the ornament punched paper scraps were reimagined as the individual flowers in lacecap hydrangeas.

ScrapCard_BIn addition, I have a few shots to share of a simple Core’dinations project that was featured in a recent video.

Bingo_AI swear this surface felt just like suede once it had been sanded.  A bit of media rubbed into the edges gave it a nice aged feel, which contrasted nicely with the pure white focal image.

Bingo_BSignificant because I gave it to Hubbie for Valentine’s Day.  Even more significant was that and I got one from him, too!  Handmade!

jrccardI love that pic because firstly, JRC made a card for me awwww!  And secondly, we are on the sofa (my favorite place), and together (my favorite thing).  Some of you may have seen this last card project already.  But I’d like to give the folks at Core’dinations a little taste of my personality and who I am with the projects I share today because this is actually my submission post to be considered for the Core’dinations 2013-2014 Design Team.

So would ya’ wish me luck, folks?  Designing for them would not only give me both the wonderful opportunity to play with the seriously WIDE VARIETY of papers they manufacture and share my passion with their audience, it would also help me take my video production to another level, very much in line with my long term goals in craft.

Much luck to Core’dinations, as well, as they work through all the applications!



29 thoughts on “My Core’dinations Creative Frenzy!

  1. Vivian, excellent presentation for Core’dinations!!! You are in for sure. Now I just hope they have enough room for me also, as I too am applying. Just finishing up today and will post on Friday…. All the best…

    • Hi Mary! I have a few commitments ending at the end of April, so I’ll be ready to take on one or two new challenges. Hope it works out. Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

  2. Awesome video, as always! Your videos are always so inspirational…and I so appreciated you sharing your insights into daily life and how you use it to create your art. I love how you make beautiful paper sing with your scrunching, misting and sanding! It is so fun to see the magic happen as it turns into beautiful art!
    Core’dinations is very fortunate to have you applying for their design team. Wishing you the best!

  3. Wishing you the best on your submission to the core’dinations design team! Really loving these art journal pieces. So much texture and color. Thank You so much for the continued videos. They are wonderful eye candy but more than that they are inspirational and teach me so much.

    • Thank you, Sharon! I am soooo digging art journaling. So few, if any rules. When I’m able to inspire your crafty heart, my own heart sings. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. I have no doubt that you will be accepted onto their design team. Not that you need it, but I wish you all the luck in the world : )

  5. Just LOVE what you did …as usually ! You always share such pretty and amazing projects. Thanks a LOT !!
    Hugs from SPAIN

    • Thanks, Monica! I played around some more with the paper punch, color core cardstock, and papercrafter crayons. The video sharing those results will come out next week! Thanks so much for your support! – Vivian

  6. I love that journal page!!! And of course I love how you share your process with all of us! Good luck with Core’dinations DT. I just love when I “discover” you as I visit different sites, because I feel like I know you… LOL… so it will be great to find you on the Core’dinations site as well, but wherever I find you, you are always such an inspiration!!!

    • Hi Willow! Thanks for the good wishes. And thank you for the lovely words – I’m so glad you are inspired by what I’m doing here! Your comments totally fuel my mojo!

  7. Vivian, I had an absolute enjoyable time watching your video and viewing your artistry!
    Such beautiful work and thought process. Your art journal is so inspiring and I believe your cards are lovely little trinkets of inspiration as well.. Thanks for sharing them all and best of luck to you with this submission. You have done marvelous with the Core 🙂

  8. Vivian,Vivian, Vivian, you move like no other, that pages ayes soooooo much, all the work was you did on it,so enjoyable to watch you create it was amazing, thanks a bunch for sharing your a doll, and have a lovely creative day.. Oh an the card are beautiful works of art…

  9. Hi Vivian, just discovered your work through Pinterest, I love your textured artwork! You inspired me with the hot glue textures and can’t wait to get out my ‘gun’! Thanks for that and I will be following your artwork, creative greet Miranda

    • Thank you, Miranda. Working with hot glue is loads of fun! I have a few videos on my youtube channel showing how I create effects with this much under-appreciated medium. Hope you’ll check them out! Glad you are here!

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