A Glimpse Inside My Makeshift Studio

Hi there, folks!  I have a tutorial to share with you over at PaperHaus Magazine today.  How did the project come about?  Whelp, I’ve consistently had a few tools on my makeshift folding table in my temporary studio.  The room I’m planning on using is not ready yet. And the only way I can manage having all my stuff still in boxes is to pull out a few things and use them until they’re gone.  And that is kind of “a good thing!”  It’s a great feeling when you use up all of something and decide at that point you still like it enough to pick up more.

So, do you want to see the mess?!  It’s nearly unbearable.  OK, I’ll show you.

RightTableThat’s the right side of the table – not so bad.  But now here’s the left.  Ahhhhhrrrrrggggg!

LeftTableWhoa.  Mamma.  Yes, a massive heap.  There is no storage, only a folding table 😦  From these pix, you would think I’m a hoarder, but I swear, this is the only part of the house that looks like this.  And here is some of my stuff sadly piled in boxes on the floor.

FloorWhat a way to work, huh?  But on the upside, the projects are getting done and I’m finding new ways to work with the tools that are right in front of me.  Why the heck did I watermark these pix and insist everyone associate this mess with me?  I really can’t tell you.  I just did.

OK, so let’s do a “Find Waldo,” and see if you can pinpoint my project in this mess lol.  I kid.  That would be a miserable task.  I shall give you a sneak peak.

FlowerFunky camellias at PaperHaus.  If you’ve got a moment, hop over to the PaperHaus blog for more shots, a video on the PaperHaus channel if you haven’t seen the technique yet, and maybe a little comment lovin’ for little ol’ me?

It’s a hugely busy day on my blog today.  I have another post up + video at Really Reasonable Ribbon and it’s all about burning your fibers.  Here’s a sneak peak of the grungy project I made.

GrungyLove_BDo you recognize pieces from my most recent LO project for Scraps of Darkness?  Using it all up, folks!

Bye for now,


6 thoughts on “A Glimpse Inside My Makeshift Studio

  1. Wow! We artist types tend to be rather eclectic but that does have to drive your crazy! I am sorry to say that I honestly that my tiny space often look similar however I do not have the excuse of a relocation to blame! 😉 I am guessing, that as long as sweet little Papusa does not get lost in that, then we are good! 🙂

  2. Wow that’s where you create the magic what a wonderful creative mess, I totally agree.. I know we like it all tidy but its all part of the process, isn’t hehehehe!!! Have a wonderful day…

  3. I love the optimism in your words. All this is just perspective building up to enjoy your fabulous new workspace when it’s finished! I’m in a temporary kinda state too right now, boxes and heaps instead of stuff I can find! Knowing it’s just temporary is best way to ward off madness!!

  4. Yes I see I’m not the only one that has a messy desk! This is a sign of an artist I know.
    It’s very strange how it looks and you can find all the things your looking for in spite of the mess
    I know where everything is. I still have Christmas stamps to clean.

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