Hydrangeas with Papercrafter Crayons

Hi friends!  I have a post up at Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft today.  Great news is that this FCDMC has shared it with the folks over at the Papercrafter’s Library as well with a giveaway to boot!

What’s the giveaway?  And what’s my video all about?  Papercrafter Crayons!  I used them to create these luminous hydrangea florets.  Here’s a sneak of the project.

FloretThey’re like crayons for grownups!  Using the Papercrafter Crayons in this manner is really satisfying and a fun way to shake up your normal way of crafting.  The medium is very different than what we papercrafters normally use, and it adds a beautiful waxy sheen to your projects.

Before I sign off, I’d like to share with you a shot of the single hydrangea plant I planted in the shady nook at the back of my garden.

RealHydrangeaMmm.  Mmm. Mmm!



2 thoughts on “Hydrangeas with Papercrafter Crayons

  1. Lovely card. The hydrangeas have so much texture and are just yummy. That little iron is so cool. I have never seen that technique. The sunflower watercolor on your blog page is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration.

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