Jammin’ wit mah Cardzzzzz

I had planned to entertain you with my hipster stylings, but thought twice about it and realized that would not be very professional of me lol.  Anyway, sometimes when I’m on a crafting roll and I’m feeling good, I start talking to myself that way and shakin’ mah boodie.  Yeah, I’m nuts.  Hubbie gets to experience all of it (not sure if that’s a good thing), but I only share snippets with the rest of the world because my weirdness would cause y’all to unfriend me haha!

So I was on a roll – at the time I wrote this blog post up,  my craft room was starting to take shape but not quite ready to be used.  Thus I happily crafted at the good ole’ folding table with the tools that were in front of me.  This is the card I made.


Those of you who follow me may recognize elements from a handful of recent projects.  For a stepped out tutorial, detail shots, and a supply list, you can visit me at Really Reasonable Ribbon today.


8 thoughts on “Jammin’ wit mah Cardzzzzz

  1. I totally love this card! Both my sisters are bee keepers, and this would make such a beautiful birthday card for them. Vivian, you have inspired me!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Vivian! Just been over to RRR to look at your step by step – it helps to look at the details and is so inspiring. I knew there were great reasons to follow you and this is one of them, hugs Jenny x

  3. The colors make me happy! The texture with the plastic wrap is just amazing. So look forward to your posts. Thank You for sharing. I think it is great that you find such joy in what you are working on to want to do a little dance!

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