GIVEAWAY of Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Media

As my term as a guest designer draws to an end, I have a great surprise for my followers!  A giveaway of these amazing products!  I have the following to give away to one lucky follower…

Red/Yellow Paper Crafter Crayons4ct.
Metallic Gelatos
Stamper’s Big White Pen
Green Art GRIP Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils

prize pack

Nice, huh?

In order to win, all you have to do is…
1) Leave me a comment here telling which of the projects I crafted for them that you like the best.
2) LIKE the Design Memory Craft facebook page.

I will randomly select a winner from the comments left on this post by midnight on April 18th.

Here are the projects I made during my term with Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft.  All of these projects are accompanied by HD video tutorials.  You can access them simply by clicking the picture.

My first art journal page for them…

Techniques with Water Soluble Media for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft

Techniques with Water Soluble Media for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft

The second…

"Thrive," Fluidity in Mixed Media Compositions Video Tutorial

“Thrive,” Fluidity in Mixed Media Compositions Video Tutorial

And the third…


A trio of cards featured in a single video…


Another card below using Papercrafter Crayons.  This one was shared at The Papercrafter’s Library!


A layout…


A pastel painting of my rat dog, Pupusa.


And an abstract painting that I’m really excited about.  Starting to go in a new direction.


Good luck, folks!  I hope you get a chance to play with these spectacular products!!!


85 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY of Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Media

  1. Vivian,
    The pastel abstract painting was fabulous! I loved all your projects, but that one is my favorite.

  2. Hi there….himm a favorite…that’s hard, I really love the pastel of your dog….but I would have to say I absolutely LOVE the Thrive project! btw I had already liked Design Memory Craft on Fb…Have a wonderful day! :o)

  3. The card with the cut out flower blossoms is my favorite~ I watched the video for that and the technique was so cool. Can’t wait to try something like that. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway!

  4. I liked your ‘layout’ of the Dicentra spectabilis best, because it looked fresh and colorful for spring! Were the words written there your own?
    So lovely!

  5. My favorite project was the card using the Papercraft Crayons. I love the technique with the mini iron, its an elegant look. Especially using the ornament punch to make those beautiful hydrangeas! The technique with the Crayons is so versatile also, could use it with mixed media, on canvas, with paints, etc. I just love the idea!!! 🙂 All of your projects are beautiful, I love them all!!! Can’t ever wait for your next blog posts, or video tutorials!!! 🙂

  6. Okay I have picked the Finding Shapes and Paths, An Art Journal Page, all the layering, then the gelatos, how they mix differently from dry to wet, and the stampers big pens blend so wonderfully with the gelatos. Being a tactile addict it certainly inspired me. I also loved the water color painting which was so awesome to watch your interpretation of the amazing photo, sorry had to pick two.. Have a great day…

  7. I make greeting cards and am into the embossing folders so I liked getting new ideas in your card trio. But my favorite, ohhhhhhh “Pupusa”. That one just melts my heart. What a gift to be able to do something like that!

  8. Your `emerging in spring` is awesome and encourages me to try abstracts too!!! Awesome artist, great craft-material.

  9. I have followed all of your projects and I think my favorites are 3, Papusa because the drawing is so nice and I like how you explained how you “fixed” what you didn’t like on how you did it and the pastels give such a soft elelment, I love the Thirve one because I am partial to sunflowers and hand drawing, beautiful and I love the new mixed media you taught in this, and the layout of the bleeding heart, again, I think its because of the hand drawing but also the beautiful colors and I love the technique of the pencils and water. Of course I also love the 3 art journal pages because yours is what got me interested in doing art journaling in the first place. Thanks for the chance to win this, I have always wanted to try a couple of those since watching you on your videos using them. and I have liked the Design Memory Craft Facebook page as well. Have a wonderful day!!

  10. Thank you for the chance to win. I love all of the projects that you did, but if I have to pick one, it would be Thrive, I remember when I first saw this one, I wanted to try it right away, I think it is beautiful !

  11. The use of the crayons and the hydrangea flower technique was my absolute favorite. But, you are so talented and I love your videos so much anything you do I absolutely love. Thanks for the chance to win and the great giveaway.

  12. Absolutely love the Hydrangea Flowers!!! I do agree with everyone else, your work is stunning and I love the techniques you share. Thank you!

  13. I love all your work!! How can I pick only one??? If that’s the case, I pick Thrive and Pupusa…so adorable!!! I know that’s two but I couldn’t pick just one!!! Sorry!! I love, love, love your stuff!

  14. I love the altered/art journals and the hydrangea flowers but my favorite is the white dog you show on this post. It’s a white version of my dog! Good luck in the future with your new adventures.

  15. Techniques with Water Soluble Media for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft is my fave project from your fantastic art work at Faber-Castell. I love all of your creations, but the first inspired me the most. In fact, left the video and made one for myself. Fun Fun Fun. thanks so much for the opportunity to win such great prizes. Love Faber-Castell products!

  16. Hi Vivian!
    You know that I am a big fan of yours and have been a follower since the beginning and I really love all your work! I LOVE your Thrive…it just speaks to me. However, even though I am personally not a fan of the chalk-y pastels, I LOVE your Papusa drawing! I was in awe watching you create that masterpiece from a photo and I esp. loved hearing your story of how you saved her. Personally, I am a mommy to 3 daughters (my oldest is Vivian) and several rescued/abused 4-legged babies myself so I am immediately drawn to people who share the same kind of compassion as I.
    Have a great day!

  17. UGH — that is a tough one. 🙂

    I think I like your artwork the best. If I had to pick one — it would be the one of your puppy. I enjoy your work and I appreciate all the inspiration and tutorials.

    I just started following you this month or so. I am looking forward to seeing more of your creative work!


  18. The last project is my favourite; the excitement and pleasure derived from the forward step you are taking really comes across in the abstract painting. I must say that I love all the pieces though and thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  19. Hi Vivian

    All of your work is wonderful so it’s hard to tell wich one I prefer. Your 2 first journal pages are the ones I prefer.

  20. Hi V, I LOVE gelatoes!! They are so creamy, easy to apply and versatile! And the colors are lucious! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  21. Forgot to say – loved the abstract with all the bulb shapes. I really like organic shapes also, and I loved the colors you picked.

  22. Hi Vivian, your artwork is absolutely stunning and thanks for all those inspirational video’s! Love them all, but when I have to choose I would pick the first and last one and especially the last one which is given me a little push to work so freely! Thanks and ofcourse would like to have a chance too to win some of those great products! Creative greet Miranda

  23. I love the “Emerging in Spring” project. I hadn’t seen the video on this one before. I love the thought of Spring emerging – I love this time of year. The colors are lovely too.

  24. Wow that is hard. I like the first one you did with the glue gun that was so cool!! I also really love the recent one the layout with the bleeding hearts!! I just love your work!

  25. I haven’t been following you long but I am absolutely in love with your work. I especially like your hot glue technique. You inspired me so much that I promptly bought a set of Faber-Castell Gelatos. I was always strictly a card maker but your work and what you find inspiration in have set me on the mixed media path. I’m even starting an art journal! Thank you for broadening my horizons!

  26. Your dog is my favorite with out one doubt. I began drawing again using FC products due to your inspiration and am so happy. I do love all your work, however. Thanks so much for sharing your talents.

  27. They are all amazing. I guess my favorite would be the abstract painting, though I also LOVE the bleeding heart layout.

  28. Hummmm – I love them all, and really like Thrive – but your final abstract is my favorite. I have started experimenting with my glue gun, thanks to you! Thanks for the inspiration and the give away!!

  29. Well, it has to be that your puppy painting is my fav! It reminds me of my own, sweet little Belle. That said, I just started following you after watching the winter/spring journal tutorial and it got me back into the craft mode! I realize those gelatos were a great investment, now that I know what to do with them. Thanks for being creative, little you.

  30. It is really hard to pick a favorite one. They are also beautiful and inspiring. Since you asked me to pick, I am going to pick two. The first one, where no winter lasts forever is a favorite of mine, because I love the story that goes with it. Kinda of like the saying that ‘ Light at the end of tunnel or Always darkest just before dawn.’ such a poignant message. I love the hot glue technique on it, however have not had time to try it yet. The second one is pastel abstract painting. I did try this technique, however it didn’t look quite like yours. The simplicity and the blending of the primary colors make this one so beautiful. again I want to thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.

  31. Hi, I really like your new abstract – the colours and the “organicness” (if that’s a word??) of it. Keep dabbling in this. But don’t neglect your textured pieces – these are really good too.

  32. I like all of them but the one that excited me the most was the abstract art. I learned a lot from this tutorial and am looking forward to giving it a go myself

  33. It’s a hard decision to pick just one. I like them all for different reasons. Your first layout was loaded with various techniques. The second, “Thrive” was just simply gorgeous. The third layout I was drawn to because it reminded me of how my husband and I have tried to grow many plants without much luck. Our soil is clay, and even with adding top soil, fertilizer and such, it’s a struggle to grow much of anything. After all that said, I choose “Thrive” as my favorite. Thank you for giving us the chance to win : ) With the right tools, I’m hoping to be half as good as you someday.

  34. It’s difficult to choose only one project. I love everything you make. They’re so original and inspiring. I think my favorite is the second project you did. I had already liked them on Facebook, Thanks for the chance and I can’t wait to see what you still have to show us.

  35. I enjoy following your blog and seeing each new creation and learning along the way! I have loved watching you create withe the Faber-Castell products!Thanks!

  36. Hi Vivian, I loved all of your projects. My favourite was your first project as I am a huge fan of your hot glue technique & the spindles it creates. It’s a very organic look & fits with my grungy style.

  37. I agree with the others, it is hard to pick one. It’s a toss up between the first one and Thrive. Really like the vascular effects and the contrasting colors. I’m also excited about the last one and this new direction you are going in. I have already liked Design Memory Craft on Facebook. Thanks so much for all the inspiration.

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  39. Wow, so hard to pick a favorite! I love the Thrive project, but my favorite is abstract painting. Can’t wait to view the video!

  40. It’s difficult to pick a favorite, Vivian. Each art piece has it’s own beauty. It’s all soooo beautiful. But if I must choose, I think finding shapes and paths is my favorite. I love sunflowers, and this piece inspired to be to get acquainted with gelatos. That has become my favorite go-to media. Can’t wait to see what your next art creation will be.

  41. My favorite is the abstract “Emerging in Spring” this was very fascinating and very
    inspiring to me. I really enjoy the way you explain things. Because of this tutorial it makes me look at nature more intensely. Thank you Vivian.

  42. I liked the “layout”. I have the most beautiful Bleeding Hearts in my garden. After watching your video I realized that I never really have looked at a Bleed heart before. Your drawing gave me new eyes to use when I am looking at the beauty around me. So enjoyed you as a DT member. Thank you.

  43. Your bleeding heart “layout” was my favorite also. So soft, like Spring itself (is supposed to be, at least).

  44. Oh my, my, my! Your work is so beautiful and unique it is hard to chose a favorite, but I think your first art journal page just screams out at me. You have a new follower as I am so inspired by you!

  45. I’ve loved seeing you use all the FC products, but my favourite is definitely the gelatos – I love the texture and richness of the colour, thanks for providing such inspiration.

  46. Hi, I have just discovered you on youtube and love your tutorials, i like both the rudbeckia flower and the third one with the diecuts, i love the layering and how the gelatos blend together, i also like your journaling about the seedlings and how important a good place for them is to thrive. very inspiring. will be following you and watch more of your videos 🙂 thanks!

  47. I hate having to pick one as every piece inspires in a different way. But I will play fair and commit (kindof) by picking two. The first piece has great balance and colors and the message has so much meaning so that is the one I love as it is also something I could do. Pupusa is my other favorite as such a sweet soul and I love my own 4-legged family. I don’t have the talent to create a likeness of them and wish I could! Thanks for a change to win and happy to LIKE your facebook page so that I can enjoy more of what you share!

  48. I really appreciate all the artwork you complete so it is very difficult to just pick one or two, it’s like asking a mother to pick her special child ….but if I must, I will go with beautiful piece called Thrieve. I have learned a lot from each of the pieces you did while on this design team .. thanks so much for sharing.

  49. I really love all of them but the abstract one the most. You are a true inspiration and I can’t seem to get enough. I have been making cards for years, just started scrapbooking a year ago and now journal pages (I knew I bought all the art supplies I have been hoarding for a reason) . Lol.

  50. Hi Vivian. I loved all of the projects you did but my absolute favorite was “Thrive” the Rudebekia (sp) and the words you had to say about the garden. I’ve watched it several times and shared it on facebook and in a couple of my groups. Thanks. You are an inspiration. 🙂

  51. I am enjoying all your creative work. I think Thrive is simply awesome and very inspiring. Everything you do is so amazing it is hard to pick just one project!!! Thanks for sharing.

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