Subtle Complementaries

Hi friends!   Quick post to share with you. I have a new video tutorial that I’ve prepared for Scraps of Darkness using the March “Dayglo” kit.  I’ve got some great products to share with you, easy tips on combining color in your papercrafted projects, and some chat on where I tentatively stand in my crafting journey.  Here’s a sneak.


Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for your support, folks!


8 thoughts on “Subtle Complementaries

  1. Hi Vivian, I am really in awe of your work! I am so enjoying to look at your work and video’s. You inspire me to go beyond cards and take out all my crafting stuff! Thanks for sharing your lovely work, warm greet Miranda

  2. Really lovely color selection. Working on card fronts seems less intimidating. So appreciate your videos. Always come away with new information and inspiration. Thank You. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  3. Hello Miss Vivian loooove to watch, you do your magic, the colors are beautiful, fabulous tips your always giving us. I too love the abstract, so will be looking forward to more of that. Thanks for sharing your creative spirit with us its soooooo inspirational.. Have a wonderful weekend..

  4. Hola Vivian, I have recently subscribed to your blog as I find your work very clever, imaginative, ingenious, colourful and totally enchanting. Your videos have such a good quality, It is like I am there; absolutelly wonderfully, I just can’t get enough. You are a very talented lady. Thanks for all your teaching. I look forward to the day I can stop working full time and just paint, paint, and paint… In the mean time your art keeps me totally motivated and full of hope..
    Con mucho cariño.

    • Gloria thank you so much for these words. I am so happy you are enjoying my videos. It is so interesting to receive your message because when i was working double shifts and too exhausted to do any art or craft, it was watching youtube videos of other folks crafting that really kept my spirits up. Mucho gusto y muchas gracias para sus palabras.

  5. Vivian while watching the video you were talking about your comfort zone with abstract art. Well I can understand this…..I don’t know if you have tried the Gelli Plate yet but I think that it would help you with your semi-abstract journey. I have always enjoyed abstract art but never felt comfortable dealing with it. Art journaling certainly helps with this, but I am finding that the gelli plate frees you up much more. I think you would really enjoy building color and texture this way. If you have not yet tried it, think about it, it is addictive…

    • funny you mentioned it – i just ordered a few gelli plates and they are waiting in the box for me to start using them! i can’t wait, but am bracing myself for new messes in the studio lol!

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