A Bezel and a Sneak

Hi friends!  Well, I just came off a few days of lagging crafty mojo.  But I’m happy to say that this morning in the studio went spectacularly.  Shall I give you a sneak of what’s to come at Sizzix?  Still a bit wet in this shot..


I had so much fun making this project and I can’t wait to share it with you at the Sizzix blog next week!

Today I also want to hook you up with a really quick video that I made for Scraps of Darkness – using the Creativity Add-on  from our April “Remember When” kit to create this bezel – not be ‘zel, but ‘bezl lol!  I kept switching pronunciations during the video (yes, I’m sure annoying!), perhaps because even though it is apparently wrong, I so much prefer the sound when the stress is on the second syllable, much more fun to say.  What the heck, maybe I’ll just say it that way from now on!

The glitter sprinkled on top reminds me of those Sunkist candy jewel discs that I am nuts about.  I haven’t eaten one in decades because they are so unhealthy… but they live in my sense memory!!! Mostly for their texture in my mouth LOL you mixed media texture fiends will “feel me” on that one.VivianKehBezel_B

A bit of good news came in today, too!  I sold a crafty creation from my Etsy Shoppe!  Always such a great feeling when that happens.   So after mailing that off, I shall do a bit o’ writing today.

Happy crafting, folks!


3 thoughts on “A Bezel and a Sneak

  1. ok, teasing is one thing, but you ready need to share with me , since i love the hot glue treatment…..come ‘on ……i do like the treatment on that butterfly….i will be there early morning, the day the project is showcased…

  2. Ooooo, loving the sneak! The colors are so springy and happy. The bezel is so fun. I have never thought to put glitter on the glaze. Cool look and so easy. Congrats on selling a piece from your etsy store.

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