“Pulse,” A Mixed Media Layout

Hi folks!  I have a new video tutorial ready for you that focuses on the Color and Creativity Add-ons from Scraps of Darkness’ May Kit, “Destinations.”

Here are some pix of an acrylic piece which is the focus of the tutorial.  In the first shot below, various textural elements are layered on top.


Here is a shot of just the acrylic, altered using spectacular tools from the Creativity add-on this month.


Here are some detail shots highlighting what I think is becoming my signature style.


Loving this “Irresistable” collection from Authentique!!!  Just the tiniest bit of floral embellishment in this one.


A close-up of my portrait of Dr. Song, my acupuncturist.


I have had acupuncture here and there throughout my adult life, and have been fortunate to find a few doctors that are true healers.  Dr. Song is one of them.  He has helped me get through a difficult process – not only am I deeply grateful for him, I am in awe of his unique body of knowledge and all that he can deduce through touch.

Here is a full shot of the layout which I have titled, “Pulse.”


Given that I was born and raised in the USA, I’m always tickled when an Asian sensibility occasionally surfaces in my work.  What carries over the generations and lives on in our blood!

10 thoughts on ““Pulse,” A Mixed Media Layout

  1. Just wonderful… I really love that Bayou Gold.. scrumptious… Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I’m always inspired by your work. Now, off to the craft table I go…

  2. Very cool piece. I really like your technique with the hot glue, esp. in this piece. Considering the piece title, it’s almost as if the glue represents the bloodflow within our veins. And yes, there is definitely something about things being “in our blood” passed from generation to generation. I’ve been able to trace my creativity as far back as my great-grandmother. No telling how far back it goes. TFS!

  3. You truly are one of my crafting heroes. Love what you do with hot glue and the way you design your layouts. Thank you so much for another inspiring video. Hugs, Jenny x

  4. This is LOVELY! I love the metallic look about it – almost industrial – but softened by the flowers. I also think the music in the background is a great addition to your pulse theme. A great marriage of art and science! You should show this to your acupuncturist.

  5. Papercraftnut took the words right out of my mouth. I too noticed how parts of your layout looks like metal (At first, I thought that it was metal in the first picture). I was hoping that you were going to give this to Dr. Song. I’m glad that he is able to help you.

  6. Absolutely awesome!… What an original and thoughtful piece of art…. Vivian, you are very lucky having found Dr. Song; here in London is also difficult (despite having so many of them) to find a real healer…. I find the ‘pulse’ technique an incredible source of knowledge, but not everyone master it. Dr. Song will be delighted with your present. Lots of love xxx

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