Poppy Seedheads Abstract Painting

Hello friends!

I have been a little less active on the blog as of late for medical reasons.  But I am feeling better and getting active again, which is great!  I am looking forward to long walks with the dogs once I’m 100% recovered.  Hope you didn’t miss me too much 🙂

Each morning these days, when I go out into the garden to check on things and water thirsty babies, the poppy seedheads of my “Lauren’s Grape” poppy patch always capture my attention.  The ones which inspired the painting I am sharing today are so very rotund, and their starburst tops are… otherworldly.  Imagine the countless abundant seeds developing inside!  Plenty to give away.  I’m so looking forward to their ripening and scattering the next generation of these plants that possess such seductive, deeply hued blossoms.  Their season is very short, but the beauty is so dramatic that I will plant them again next year.  Wonder if I can get some new babies to bloom in the fall…  Must research that.

For some time now, I’ve been meaning to do a project using an alcohol resist.  I decided to play around with it in my art journal, and I learned a few tips and tricks along the way that I hope will be useful for you if you decide to try it out.  For my video tutorial, I did a brand new painting.  As you know, I get a little nervous sharing abstract work.  But the more I look at this one, the more I love it, simply because it was a spontaneous, liberating session, a “letting go” for me, and a messy, interesting step further in a direction which makes me happy.

I hope you enjoy the video.  It uses exclusively all the media from Scraps of Darkness‘ May 2013 Kit, “Destinations.”  Here are some shots.  This first one highlights the alcohol resist technique.


This next one, how altering your surface changes the realization of pigment in interesting ways.


This is the full shot.


Lots of fingermisting in this one, pooling of colors, a bit of doodling as well.

I would love to see your projects using alcohol resist.  If you do decide to try it out after watching,  feel free to share your projects on my facebook page – it’s been so great to see such a huge and positive response to projects that you guys share there!  And also to see you there making connections with each other.

Some of the magicals are not available anymore, but there is a wide selection you should check out!


23 thoughts on “Poppy Seedheads Abstract Painting

  1. Simply Stunning Vivian! I do hope you are feeling well! You have been on my mind and my prayers lately. Hope your fur-babies have been a HUGE source of healing and strength for you! 😉
    Abundant blessings to you,

    • thank you for your compliment, val, and especially for your prayers. luckily there is an abundance of healing sources in my life, including your prayers, and right now, everything is going as well as we could hope for. big hug, val!

  2. Vivian, so glad you are feeling better! When I first looked at the full photo of your piece I immediately saw a dog’s head to the right of the largest of the 4 flower doodles at the top…LOL I guess it is because your dogs are always with you 🙂 Your video makes this look like so much much fun! Your inspiration is always wonderful…I already have ideas of how to try some of your techniques!

    • Oh my gosh I didn’t see the dog until you mentioned it! It’s totally a dog! You are so observant! I can tell already that you would do spectacularly picking out shapes and forms in inky painty messes. Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

  3. Very nice… I’m usually terrified to doodle on a piece that I’ve worked so hard on… but I love the look and I guess I should just get over it and get in there. That could be my “letting go”. Thank you for sharing your process with us.. I’m very grateful.

    • thanks so much, russell! “Letting go,” is the biggest challenge for most of us, I think. Playing, letting your spirit reveal itself, and not thinking so much about how it will be received. I’m grateful for the support of folks like you, too!

  4. Beautiful – especially the last one with the doodling. Really like how the sharp ink contrasts with the watercolors.

  5. I’m glad that you decided to show us your abstract painting. I really enjoyed watching how you used the alcohal resist technique on your project. The colors are beautiful. I hope you will feel better soon. I’ll keep you in my prayers Vivian : )

    • thank you, cheryl, and thank you for your prayers. yesterday was probably the most painful procedure i’ve ever had in my life, but it only hurt for about an hour. too bad i had to be conscious for that nastiness. i’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, though, and that makes me really happy.

  6. Love your abstract. And the process. I work in abstracts too and I find I don’t often share my work either. Not everyone can “see” into them. Hope you feel better soon. Love your you tubes. thanks as always for sharing.

    • thanks so much, theresa. yes, there is a certain and definite trepidation about sharing such intimate stuff with the world. but i’m finding while some folks won’t like it, there are a lot who will tune in and say, “YEAH!” Thanks for your sweet words!

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  8. This abstract piece is beautiful. |Thank you for sharing you art and the excellent video tutorial. This is very inspiring for me, right now my creative muse is in a funk. I hope the muse will get creative again soon. I will keep you and your health in my prayers.
    Jacquelene L

    • Thank you, Jacquelene! I hope your creative muse is speaking to you again! Thank you for your prayers. I’m starting to see the end of all this nastiness is near, and that makes me happy.

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