Taking the Easy Route

Hi folks!  Do you ever find yourself doing too much on a project, not knowing where to stop, or feeling like you have to do a lot in order to validate what you craft?  “Oh my word,” you are probably saying to yourself, “This  woman thinks too much.”  Whelp, let me tell you, I’ve struggled for many years trying to simplify, live in the moment, and get out of this dang head.  Art and craft has been one of my quintessential tools in that journey.  Gardening, too.  And with a decent amount of regularity, I am able to craft something not overthought which turns out to my liking.

The project I have to share with you today was crafted uber fast in one of those much appreciated inspired frenzies.

VivianKehMistedDragonflyCard_AWhen I made this card, I was soooo digging squirting my mists, folks!  Being messy about it, letting the liquids mix and spread on the page, and really, having those accidental patterns MAKE the composition of my project!  The easy route!


Once my mists had dried, I scanned the surface for a clearing, and simply stamped this gorgeous woodblock stamp from Hampton Art  right where it could shine.  I love woodblock stamps – my preferred method of stamping.  And I love the detail in this dragonfly. The text is also a Hampton Art/7Gypsies Woodblock stamp.

All the details are over at the Hampton Art Blog today.  Hope you’ll stop by!


7 thoughts on “Taking the Easy Route

  1. Hi, Vivian. This card is beautiful and I love it’s simplicity. I too overthink my creative pieces, whether it’s cards or art journaling. For me less is not more, more is more. I really struggle to achieve beautiful simplicity. You have achieved it with this beautiful card. I need these stamps, especially the dragonfly, dragonflies are one of my symbols.
    Thank you for sharing this beauty.
    Jacquelene L

    • thank you, jacquelene! yes, i’m so glad you can identify with me. this struggle for you is one of my biggest challenges right now. trying to enjoy this process of growth, though. and appreciate the moments when the juices flow. this dragonfly stamp is my favorite from the latest releases from Hampton Art.

  2. I like it! I can totally relate to ‘over-doing’ things and find it hard to sit back and say, “OK, done!” I just love all the project products toooooo much. 😀

  3. I dont like cards, never send them, never get them. It is old fashioned in this time of social media……………but when I see this……I think it is a pitty we dont send cards anymore. The two stamps work so wll together. The word stamp is bold , but his message comes out in the dragonfly. Surrounded by your beautiful soft background. LOVE it! And yes , I also do too much sometimes (always?), but I do it not to use “stuff”, most of the times it are the paints and mists I can’t stop myself ! I love your videos, always looking forward to them! Have a nice day,greetings from Switzerland!

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