The Keeper of Seeds

Hello friends!

I have a video tutorial over on the Sizzix blog  featuring the Seed Packet Die designed by Eileen Hull (very versatile!) and the Mariposa die (gorgeous shape) that is cobranded with Prima Marketing.  Both are of the Bigz type, which, if you aren’t aware already, cut through EVERYTHING.  So they are always a big fat YES for me.  Here’s the front.


Can you see the rubbing alcohol resist in there?  I hadn’t gotten enough of it after my last video tutorial, so I did some more in this one.  Even though I went very mixed media on this little guy, I really love this Seed Packet die because it is so useful for all you papercrafters, regardless of your style.  Tucked behind a photo on a layout, bound in a mini-book, keeper of not only seeds, but notes, journaling, photos, and/or memorabilia.  I love it!  Video, links, and supplies are all over at the Sizzix blog.  Hope you’ll stop by there to say “hi,” today!



4 thoughts on “The Keeper of Seeds

  1. Vivian, I just popped over from the sizzix blog, I love this mini canvas seed envelope. This is a gorgeous art piece! Thank you for sharing the mixed media inspiration. I could see making a mini art journal for on the go with the seed envelopes for pages. Or, just take a page or two and work on the pages outside the book and then assemble the book at home. Watercolour paper, thank you for sharing that idea, I will be using that tip. The alcohol you use what percentage is it, because I have heard regular rubbing alcohol doesn’t work and you have to use the high percentage alcohol?
    Jacquelene L

    • i used regular rubbing alcohol and it worked as long as i got the acrylic paint diluted just the right amount. too thick and no circles, too thin and the shape gets lost.

  2. I just had to find your blog after seeing your amazing article in the current edition of Stampers Sampler. I loved the hot glue tags and needed to see more of your stunning work. I am now following your blog and looking forward to seeing more.

    I just bought some batteries for my glue gun so that I can try my hand at the technique. Thank you for sharing your talent.

    • yay, chris!!! i am so glad you stopped by and are here now. seeing the article in the pub just this last wednesday absolutely made my day! have fun with the hot glue and keep playing with it – you will hit your groove after a bit of practice. it’s such an interesting medium and can convey so many different things. would love to see your progress – folks have been posting their hot glue projects on my facebook page and have gotten a great response there!

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