10K Giveaway at Core’dinations

Hi friends!  How are you doing today?  The blog has been a little quiet this week because I’ve been writing all day every day.  Plus teensy weensy breaks in the garden.  Did I tell you, an Asian American Theater in Los Angeles, East West Players, commissioned me to write a little something for them!  Isn’t that exciting?  The piece is shaping up nicely, and the process has been interesting, coming together much in the same way my mixed media pieces do, without a set idea of what the finished result is going to be.  And that is new for me.

Anyway!  There is a great giveaway going on at Core’dinations right now to celebrate reaching ten thousand fans on facebook!


Ten lucky folks will win $100 prize packages.  I’m so thankful to design for such generous companies!  Click the image above to link to the blog post! And here’s a link to the entry form.

If you’d be so kind, we’d love it if you stopped by our partners’ facebook pages if you have the time to thank them for their sponsorship of this event.

That’s all for now.  I can’t wait to get back to the crafting table as soon as the bulk of this piece is written.  Wish me luck!



8 thoughts on “10K Giveaway at Core’dinations

  1. Thank you for the update, I have been wondering where you were and if you were o.k.?
    Is the writing project a new door opening for you? I hope so! It sounds like an opportunity for you, and that is good.
    Jacquelene L

    • I was depressed for awhile, and you know, that can come in unexpected waves. But it is odd that the writing opportunity popped up when it did. I literally feel pulled. Life is weird that way… Thanks, Jacquelene, for checking in with me.

  2. Vivien, Kudos on your opportunity to write! You can DO IT!!!!! Missing your art creations but totally understand.

  3. Hi Vivian,

    Omg, not only have I heard of East West Players, I saw their last production, Chess. One of my daughter’s friends (bffs since kindergarten!) was in it, Stephanie Mieko Cohen. Please, please, please let me know about your piece and I will do what I can to rally my, and my daughter’s friends, to go see it. Regardless, break a leg!

    Btw, I luuuuuuv your artwork, especially what you do with hot glue and mists! Keep ’em coming.

    Twice a fan,

    Anita Harkavy 818-489-6143

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Wow small world, Anita! I just sent in a rough draft of a scene for a collaborative project last week. Hope they like it! Ahhhh! In the crafty department, a hot glue, very mixed media project will be on the Sizzix blog this Thursday. Thanks for the support in both realms. -V

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