Change is Good

Good morning, friends!  It’s hump day, folks, and I want to know, how are you doing this week?  Are you crafting?  Vacationing?  Feelin’ the daily grind?  Vegetating?  Me?  Well, I will confess I have had some trying days peppered with some surprising emotions. I hadn’t allowed myself to grieve recent losses, but when the phone rang the other day and I picked up to hear my sister on the other end, it all came flooding out.  Thank goodness for sisters.  Thank goodness for family.  We celebrate each other’s growth, we mourn each other’s disappointments, and bottom line, we try to the best of our abilities to be a support to each other, to be there.

This week I’m feeling much better.  The days are full, I’m appreciating the many blessings in my life and trying as much as possible to live in the moment.  The doggies teach me every day how to savor those moments and they have been giving me tons of what I need – love sessions throughout the day.  And the hubz…well y’all know I could go on for pages and pages over what an angel he is.

In fact, I’ve been scrapping him with a good deal of regularity recently, going back over photos from our beginnings, remembering all the details.  I put most of the media away for a spell – working dry was a nice change and I got a lot scrapped.  The sneak peak below is of a layout about hubbie – featuring a masculine palette, some fun textures, a bunch of Sizzix die-cuts, and paper punched pieces, viewable at Core’dinations today.


I have a few cards over there as well. One is classically neutral – I love swinging between bold color and soft/subtle.  It’s great exercise for the crafty muscles.


The other card uses a bit of the Core’dinations Fancy Pants “Refreshed” Collection.  What’s that?  You’ve never heard of it?  I bet most of you are familiar with just the basics carried in most of the major hobby stores.  But there is so much more available – check out the website, under the products tab, and you’ll see for yourself.  You say your craft store doesn’t carry it?  You can always make a request, you know. We have an assortment called  “Chocolate Box,” which has a nice assortment of hues covered in warm earthy tones – caramels, milk chocolates, dark chocolates.  I’m having fun exploring the potential in the ColorCore Cardstock and enjoying the ease with which it can be used to create interest in papercrafted projects.


After working rather dry, I am now back to getting inky again and will have a video or two ready for you in the next week – I promise.  One is already in the works, and boy am I excited about it!!!


8 thoughts on “Change is Good

  1. I know something about crafting through my troubles – believe me. Ten years ago, a majority of what I thought I knew about my family and my life turned out to be wrong. Then, about three years ago, I got just about the worst, most gut-wrenching reality check you could imagine. Before that, believe it or not, I was a 12×12-only scrapbooker. I didn’t make cards or tags or anything else. I thought, “why would I do that? what’s the point?” And then my life fell apart and the way I felt about all of my memories changed. I could barely look at photos that I once loved without being crippled with disgust, disappointment, and horrible guilt and sadness. I WANTED to make art and I didn’t know how to get past the point where I’d look at any of my photos and fall to pieces. New memories were no good because everything and everyone in my life was tainted – I was confused about so many things that I’d been sure of my whole life and I was afraid my anger would be recorded in my scrapbooks forever. So, I registered my blog and I started looking around the internet for challenges and the rest is…well, you know. I found a way to start working through all my darkest moments. Just now, three, almost four years later, am I starting to really scrapbook again. PJL has helped because recording new memories has a purpose – just get it down, you know? But I also realize that there are ways to go back and incorporate that anger and sadness while honoring the good parts of that memory. I want to do this one photo that I hate – to this day I cannot look at it without going a little black – and then I’m going to delete it from every other place I have it. That way, I’m done with it – my destructive relationship with it is over. I know you were probably talking about loss in a different way, but part of my process has been accepting that I HAD lost things. I’d lost all of my illusions, most of my heroes, and any last vestiges of my childhood in a single moment. Through art – and time – I’m ferreting out the things that I still have and remembering to be grateful…things could have been a LOT worse for me in some ways. I’m with you sistah. A change can do you good.

    • Oh Britt I’m so sorry you had to go through such a terrible experience – it sounds like something that made you feel like you were literally being torn apart from the inside. I will wish for your healing and for you to be able to process and let go. This most recent experience for me was perhaps one of the biggest disappointments of my life, and a couple of things are helping me move through it – scrapping the blessings. I take my time at the craft table to go through all the details of the good stuff. Really meditative. Being out in nature is helping – I swear there is a powerful healing energy coming from the stuff I grow and all the insects that swarm the blossoms. I’m not new age-y much, but I can feel it. It’s nearly tangible. And finally, this is the hard one for me, just letting myself get upset about it. In the theater, I used to wear my heart on my sleeve (dangerous stuff) but the 15 years or so in Los Angeles, I habitually squashed all of my feelings – I don’t recommend that. Balance would be nice, you know? Thank you for sharing some of your life with me, Britt. Let’s both hope for positive change, new experiences and opportunities, and the prospect of seeing past experiences for what they were and ultimately letting go.

  2. Vivian, sorry you have been having a rough go of it! Sounds like you are doing good things for yourself and to help the healing process. Keep at it! Blessings to you. Britt, what a wonderful, brave thing to share your struggles. Thank You. Art is truly a wonderful blessing and helps us to live a happy and balanced life. Keep your dreams in your heart. Hugs.

  3. Yes art can be a large part to recovery, it give us a world of beauty to escape to but, the only thing that can really free us is Forgiveness to others and ourselves.
    We are all humans with sins of our own, bitterness and hatred can eat your soul,
    to love is wonderful but to forgive is Divine. Free yourself to really be creative and
    the sunshine will come through. One who knows.

  4. Viv, you are in my heart. I don’t know what you are going through but I hate that your are struggling at all. Sounds like you are finding those things that put your heart at ease and that is a blessing.

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss Vivian. In my own experiences, time heals my heart the most, and having faith in God, that He will see me through the most difficult times.

    • Thank you, Cheryl. I am praying, feeling better every day, and doing as much as possible those things that make me feel at peace. Thank you for keeping me in your heart.

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