And I Clicked “Send!”

So last night I finally finished writing my short theater piece, well the first draft, and turned it in.   I must confess, this little nugget of opportunity came at a moment in my life where I really needed something to throw myself into.  Yet there is always a certain degree of anxiety involved with this whole writing thing.   Well, that’s an understatement.  More like trepidation.  This is the cycle for me – write a ton of crap, get pounded by waves of insecurity, write an inkling of something decent, delete all the crap I wrote before, write a lot of crap, and so on and so forth.  And once it’s done, there’s that nasty fellow, Rejection, who typically rears his ugly head over and over again.   You know, this could be why I’ve been breaking out in hives for the past week lol!  I just figured this out right now, while writing this post – for days I’ve been complaining to my husband that I’ve been itchy all over, like driving me nuts itchy, literally from head to toe.  All that stuff about the mind-body connection – that be for realzzzz.  If only I had been born less sensitive, or better yet, insensitive.  Life would have been much easier.  But then I probably would have walked a very different path in life, very comfortably middle of the road, none of the high highs nor any of the low low’s.  But I’d probably never have ended up here, nor would I have met all you crafty friends in the ether.  I gotta hand it to folks in the theater business.  They have to have the toughest skins and still be able to wear their hearts on their sleeves.  Not an easy way to live.  Nearly drove me bonkers when I was smack dab in it. Wearing the writer’s cap is a great way for this hermit to participate in a field I so dearly love, because my part in the whole shebang is pretty much solitary, and most of the anxiety comes once the play is up on its feet on a stage.

So I clicked the “send” button, took a couple of deep, loud breaths, had a lengthy session of fetch with Mabu, and called it a day.   The more time I have with pooches, the more I realize what mad skills they’ve got.  So dang attuned to their people – what a precious gift to us!  They’ve been loving on me like nobody’s business the past week or so.  Let me show you what our nights have been like.  But let me preface, the crazy sponge-painted walls came with the house and I haven’t had a chance to paint over that.  Next on my to-do list!


Those of you on my fb page have already seen this.    Where do I sleep, you ask?  In between, I say.  But how is that possible?  In truth, when I lifted myself up from the bed, these two slid a little into the space where my body had been.  But really, I only get a few more inches than what you see here.   Totally smushed.  I complain a little because I end up with a sliver of sleeping space while hubbie’s movement is completely unrestricted.  Just between you and me, though, a part of me loves getting to spoon furry angels on either side… once in awhile!

Before I sign off, I wanted to share my card that posted to Core’dinations yesterday.  It’s gotten a lot of lovely compliments and shares on fb, which warms my crafty heart!


Really easy, actually.  Pretty much dry papercrafting, except for a bit of distress ink.

It’s Friday, friends!  I hope you are able to fill this weekend with lots of what you love.  A huge THANK YOU to you  – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the comments here and elsewhere, the pins and tweets.  I’m so lucky.



12 thoughts on “And I Clicked “Send!”

  1. Really love the card Vivian. Where did you get that fabulous dry embossing folder ? Can’t wait for the next video. Hugs.

    • hi Sylvie! Thank you for the compliment – the embossing folder is a new Sizzix product from the Brenda Walton line. #658353 If you can’t find it at your craft store, I’m sure you can get it from the sizzix website.

  2. Oh gosh…this card is fabolous. Very impressive work you always share with us. Thank you for keeping on to inspire all of your followers.
    Wishing you a great weekend.
    Hugs from SPAIN

  3. You already know I love your card but beat you didn’t know I love to spoon with my 2 pooches too, not that I have a choice (lol of course I have a choice my little ones are too old to get up on my bed. I have to lift them up there). Your Mabu looks just like my old girl Maggie, a black cockapoo, who is 16 years old… so sweet and cuddly…good luck with your script!!!

    • lol you spoon with your dogs, too! the more time i spend with them, the more i start to think they’re really angels. Mabu is a cocker spaniel, really goofy, and totally my shadow. he’s been with me through everything. thanks for the good wishes on the script. i’m quite anxious waiting to hear back about the first draft. Ahhhh!

  4. Love the card! I just wanted to give a virtual hug on the screenplay submission and let you know that you have tons more room than I have on my bed, lol—my pooches are greyhounds…big greyhounds.

    • thanks for the hug, denny! i need it i’m so anxious waiting to hear back about the draft. how on earth can you sleep with 2 greyhounds rofl?! there must be something bigger than a cal king then.

      • Hahaha! You might think, but we are in a queen size, (just graduated from a full not too long ago, lol). One curls up at my feet and the second lays like a human between us and hugs my husband. My hubby spent a few days in the hospital awhile ago and when he got home, the pup laid next to him and hugged him for hours it was so sweet.

      • Awwwwww!!! I just saw a video of a soldier coming home to his dog after 6 months away, and the way that dog howled and cried on his lap on and on just touched my heart. No artifice.

  5. Hi, Vivian! Congratulations on completing the first draft and clicking send. When we had two dogs they slept with me and all I had was a sliver of space, now our one dog is elderly and can’t get up on the bed. The card is beautiful, you achieved elegant simplicity. Working dry can be very satisfying, when I make cards I usually work dry except for distress and stamping. The wet media I save for art journaling and canvases.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy every moment.
    Jacquelene L

    • jacquelene i’m so comforted to see that so many folks sleep with their dogs. mabu is quite embraceable lol but true. i’m enjoying working dry – the ease and speed are big pluses, although i know folks get excited when the wet media comes out in a video! have a great night, friend!

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