Misting Techniques

Hi there, folks!  As promised, I have videos to share this week.  In the one I have to share with you today, I used items from Scraps of Darkness‘ June “Firecracker” Kit to focus primarily on ways you can use your mists and a few tips on how I often use mine to create splatter effects that please me.  So if you are new to misting, I hope you will take a moment to watch.  And if you’re a pro, I hope you find renewed inspiration and perhaps a tip or two that you can use in your papercrafting.  Here are some sneak peaks to lure you over to youtube!


This is one of  two photos in a layout I’ve entitled, “Independence.”

VivianKehIndependenceLO_BA closeup of one of the techniques I illustrate.

VivianKehIndependenceLO_DA second technique.

VivianKehIndependenceLO_CAnd a third.

Here’s the video link.

Hope y’all have a fantastic day!


12 thoughts on “Misting Techniques

  1. you make me want to garden! Thanks for the tip on misting with a stencil . . . making use of the residual ink to create a negative from the positive is brilliant and beautiful. thanks for all of your inspiration.

    • so glad you enjoyed it. i wish i could respond in french, but sadly i have forgotten most of this very beautiful language. thank you for your sweet comment.

  2. Hi Vivian! I’m left handed also, but I’ve always written with my hand straight, opposed to curved (what Patricia was referring to in her comment). When I took a calligraphy class in high school, the teacher (also left handed) instructed me to turn my paper sideways. Thank you for showing us all the various techniques you used in your layout. I have to say that having worms as pets is pretty gross, lol 🙂 Were you playing a nature CD during the video, or was that actually sounds of nature I heard from having your window open?

    • lol those were nature sounds coming through the window at night – love it! yeah it’s pretty weird how much i love my worms. i’m reading a book on them right now lol!

  3. Vivian, this page is very beautiful. I agree growing your own food is independence. Good for you getting your red wigglers. Thank you for sharing these inspiring misting techniques. I have never heard of frisket before, I will have to look for that product.
    I enjoy and learn so much from your video tutorials, you are an excellent teacher.
    I am a visual learner, and you explain and instruct beautifully.
    Jacquelene L

    • thanks, jacquelene! yes, this type of product goes by a few names, but i have seen it in the art section of many craft and art supply stores. always with watercolor paints because it is used with them a lot.

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