Wellness Journal with Sizzix

Hello, friends!  I hope you are having a great week.  Since my writing deadline was met, I have been working on several videos for you.  Today, I have a post over at Sizzix – a video tutorial showing how I made this wellness journal, which is an altered dollar composition book that you can pick up at any office supply store.  Sometimes big packs go on sale and that’s when I pick them up. I love these notebooks for taking notes on anything and everything, from my day to day experiences, subjects I want to explore further, sketches, websites I need to revisit… lists of crafting items I want :-/  Those always fill the page lol!

In the past, I have also effectively used these books to get in shape.  After months of medical treatment that left me feeling like crap plus a badly sprained ankle and broken foot, I really was displeased by a general feeling of toxicity and ill health, weight gain, and loss of muscle tone.  So now that medical treatment is done, physical therapy is done, and I’m feeling better, I’ve decided to start a wellness journal which documents what I eat every day, physical activity that I do, and little tidbits of my daily experiences that I may scrap later.  Here’s a peek at my project.


I love this project for many reasons – the colors and patterns make me happy, the blossom and leaves look and feel light as air, and I know that handling it every day will add a a breath of fresh air to my path back to wellness.

I hope you’ll stop by the Sizzix Blog to see the rest of it and watch the video.


12 thoughts on “Wellness Journal with Sizzix

  1. I love this! Please tell me what mulberry papers you used, and where to find them. Are they thin or thick, who makes them? Thanks so much for your beautiful videos and projects.

    • Jaime, aren’t those papers amazing?! I bought these at a small art supply store in Los Angeles called, “Continental Art Supply.” They had a large selection and I snatched up a few large sheets of this yummy stuff. I have not seen it at the major “craft supply” stores, but I bet a local art supply store would have it – call first. and thank you for your support here!

  2. Lovely and colourful Vivian, you’ve must have enjoyed this! Love that mulberry paper, wow! Your project is wonderful as always….thanks for your kind comments on my blog, creative greet Miranda

  3. Vivian the wellness journal is gorgeous!!!! I was on the fence about the arabesque die, but now I know I need it. I love how you used that beautiful paper with the multiple cuts of the arabesque. The video tutorial is fantastic, I learned a lot and you always inspire me with your mixed media art. I am happy to hear your writing project is complete, and that you are ready to move forward with improving your wellness. I should have a wellness journal too, I have surgery coming up and I am working on losing weight so that I can have my surgery, 10lbs to go. Your wellness is in my prayers and thank you for all the beautiful creativity you share.
    Jacquelene L

    • I am thinking of you, Jacquelene, and I hope your last ten pounds come off soon so you can have your surgery. I don’t know what medical procedure you will have, but I will send my prayers your way that everything goes well and smoothly for you. To wellness, creativity, and the good life for the both of us!

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