“Hills and Valleys” Video Tutorial

Hello, friends!

I just had an amazing weekend with my three closest high school friends.  There is so much to process from the precious time we had together, but one thing I realized after they left is that those relationships formed so long ago are quite unique.  Connecting with them as an adult really helped me get in touch with my essential spirit, stripped of a good deal of experiential muck.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a really long time, and I am so happy I was able to reconnect after losing touch through the years.  We cooked together, hiked, imbibed a bit :-), played games!  Great women, each with such distinct personalities, each occupying a special place in my heart, each I am so lucky to have this chance to bring back into my life.  I hope that despite the miles between us,  we will be able to do this again soon.  Vegas?  Jersey shore?  Must start thinking about that.

Anyway, after I sent them off yesterday morning, I got back to the studio, whipped out my Add-ons from the current “Gypsy Summer” July 2013 Scraps of Darkness Kit, and had a ball crafting this mixed media card.


I call this tutorial “Hills and Valleys,” because while I share a few ways to incorporate them into your crafting, I also want to encourage you to find new ways to incorporate those lovely nooks and crannies into your mixed media projects.  I would love to hear about any new ideas you have!  This video uses the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft tools (which I lurve) that were included in the Color and Creativity Add-ons this month and a few household items to create some fun textures.


Getting messy with the media, appreciating color, these are more ways in which I think we can reignite the youthfulness within us, don’t you think?  I surely need to find these youthful “concoctions” to help me forget about my aching back lol!


I don’t know about you, but whenever I pick up my Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft supplies, my projects are always loaded with color.


I also want to encourage you to feel for subtle textures, and bring them out.  Why not?  These blossoms and leaves had fine ripples, so I just rubbed a bit of gelato over “the hills” to make them more apparent.  Using a color from my palette helped bring them gently into the composition.  So easy.

VivianKehHillsAndValleysCard_BHere’s the video:

Hope you like it!


15 thoughts on ““Hills and Valleys” Video Tutorial

  1. I love the colors on this project.. very nice. Just this morning I was thinking that I hadn’t seen anything in my inbox from you in a while, so the timing was perfect… have to have my VK fix.. lol. HUGS, Russell

  2. Vivian, so glad you got to feed your soul with your high school BF’s! Always good to giggle and laugh and just be. The card is wonderful. Looks like so much fun to play with all the different elements. Thanks for the inspiration. Makes me want to spend more time just creating.

  3. I really loved this…I was excited watching you create the different effects…this makes me want to try it.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. What was the tool you used and what was the product you used to melt the colors onto your card? I did not catch what you said in the video. thanks. p.s. love the technique and the card – the colors are magnificent!

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  6. This is beautiful!!! It makes me think of a garden walkway, with the flower beds beside the paths. Love the colours and the texture. Thank you for the inspiration, I use painter’s tape to hold down watercolour paper or stencils and then save the tape, now I have another way to use that leftover tape. After you applied the hot glue, what did you sponge over the tape and glue dots? White paint or gesso, it probably doesn’t matter but I would like to know? Thank you so much for the inspiring video, your video brightened me up today, and gave me a creativity boost.
    Jacquelene L

    • Hi Jacquelene! Thank you for your sweet words – they always brighten my day. I put gesso over the glue dots. And regarding the accordion mini album, I wish I could say I made it, but the flower is from Prima, the Sunrise Sunset collection. Have a fantastic day!

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