Maximizing Dry Embossing Potential

As much as one can love something completely inanimate, I am in love with embossing folders.  When I find one in a pattern that excites me, I promptly snatch that sucker up, rush home,  savoring the crunch of cardstock that I’ve sandwiched inside as I send it through my Big Shot.  Hills and valleys, folks, accomplished lickety split!  There is so much you can do with a dry embossing folder, and I’m sure I’ve explored just the tip of the iceberg.  Sometimes I will draw an ink pad over the inside of the folder before sending it through.  Maybe some watermark ink.  Sometimes I’ll drizzle paint through the nooks and crannies of a dry embossed piece.  Sometimes I’ll leave it entirely alone. Do y’all get as excited as I do about the whole thing?     I’m not marketing for any entity here – I am just completely enamored by this facet of papercrafting.  Ok ,now you are thinking to yourself, this Contadina K is a papercrafting geek lol!

I have several tutorials which feature dry embossing on my youtube channel.  Today’s  video illustrates a few really easy techniques to infuse your projects with texture and color through dry embossing.  I also have some great dies to share with you, and some savvy purchasing tips that I feel are essential for those on a budget!  Here are some details of the project…

VivianKehLikeOldTimesLO_EThis layout features two of my three closest friends from high school – all of us have just turned 4o, and I must say everyone is doing spectacularly.  So happy to see everyone has made out alright in life and that we can still chill together, just like old times.

VivianKehLikeOldTimesLO_CSome effects above that are uber easy with dry embossing.

VivianKehLikeOldTimesLO_BAbove, maximizing the potential of one folder by using individual pieces of imagery from various parts of one design.

VivianKehLikeOldTimesLO_DSplattering fun and using up all the bits left over from die-cutting.

VivianKehLikeOldTimesLO_AAnd the final result.  For more details, watch the video and visit me at Sizzix!


12 thoughts on “Maximizing Dry Embossing Potential

  1. Yup, I get excited each and every time I dry emboss. Just something magical about taking a plain piece of paper and giving it texture. Yup, I must be a papercrafting geek too, lol. Fantastic balance of colors and textures on this layout.

  2. I also love the effects of the dry eb folders. I never thought of them as hills and valleys but I’ll sure try some of your suggestions. I love your colors. What fun! Evelyn

  3. I could seriously watch you create all day! Love your style! I’ve started collecting more embossing folders and am looking forward to expanding the number of ways that they can be used. Thanks for the tips!

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  5. As I said often before : just LOVE your tutorials and that you always do inspire so many people. You are so very talented and creative. THANKS …..
    Hugs from SPAIN

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