Well Hello!

I have been away from the blog , it seems a bit too long.  That’s not to say I haven’t been crafting.  I’ve got  several projects done, photographed, and drafted, including another video tutorial.  They are all waiting to post on scheduled days in the near future.  In the interim, I’ve been interacting with y’all on my facebook page – I just love seeing how my work inspires your art and craft!   It warms my heart!!!

I’ve also been working ahead as much as possible so that when my mom arrives tomorrow, we can have time together that is uninterrupted.  I didn’t quite finish everything, but I will do the rest late at night while she sleeps.  She and I will have two glorious weeks together, and I can’t wait to hang out and show her a good time!

Until my next post goes up in the ether, I just wanted to share with you a Hard Core Crafter video that recently posted on the Core’dinations site here.

There are several videos on that link – mine is the first, titled “Tear and Roll.”  I’m very excited about doing just that with my Core’dinations Colorcore Cardstock – the video shares an extremely easy way to add fun, colorful textures to your papercrafted projects!  Here’s a sneak peak of the card project in the video!


What else is coming up?  A very mixed media project, one of my favorites to date, will go up at Donna Salazar in the month of September – I’m guest designing over there for the month!   Oooh I can’t help myself I have to show a sneak here of one of the projects I will be sharing using Donna’s products.

VivianKehCloserLO_BWhat else?

As y’all may know, I usually don’t follow the trends and prefer to stick to my own “thang!” But I will confess to you that I have jumped on the “Chalkboard Effect,” wagon and am having a ball – it’s so easy!!!  What I most love about it is that the results take me back to the cozy delis and cafes in which I used to catch quick and comforting bites to eat back in college.


What could be better than a card that makes you feel comforted and cozy!  You can expect to see some of this chalkboard love from me over at Hampton Art in September and at around the same time over at Core’dinations.  Love it!!!

OK, off to finish up some things before my Rama arrives!


13 thoughts on “Well Hello!

  1. Vivian! Have you moved to Texas? You sure throwing around the y’alls and saying ‘thang’. If you have, welcome to Texas!

  2. I’m so thankful that I found your Blog…love Donna Salazar and the Chalk board craze, as well. Looking forward to all the fabulous projects but in the meantime, have fun with your Momma and take lots of pics!!

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