“La Tazza” for Donna Salazar Designs

So did y’all know I’m a coffee fiend?  When I worked double shifts teaching ESL to adults in LA, I would drink one large pot of espresso per day (I think that’s about 6-8 shots) – half before my morning shift, and another half before my evening shift.  In those days, there was no Contadina K,  but rather Automaton K.  Espresso was the most intimate of friends –  he was always there for me, he revived me when I needed it, and he walked me through a very prolonged period of stress.  Seriously.  While I’m happy and grateful to say that period of life is over,  the love of coffee endures.  I love the warm browns and creamy taupes, the aroma, the taste, the little zing you get with the first sip, how well something so simple can ground you in the present moment.

And the cup.  So much of it is about the cup.  I like all kinds, delicate porcelain ones, glass ones,  those chunky brown ones at the diner.  Hence the title, “la tazza,” which means “the cup,” in Italian.  Yeah, I’m a weirdo.  You are saying to yourself, “Yeah she’s an addict, too.”  Hey, while the jury is out, let me just note that there is new research linking coffee to improved brain function and good health!

Anyway, hubbie and I recently had an incredible date night – shortly after we got off the train in Berkeley, we happened upon a cafe with locally roasted coffee that I’m pretty sure had been roasted within the last 24 hours.  O. M. G.  Neither of us had enjoyed this kind of coffee before – who knew that would make such a difference?  Sitting across from my favorite person in the world made the experience incredibly perfect.  I told my guy how much I loved him and he chuckled, responding, “Are you crying?”  I totally was lol!  Although the evening had many more notable items, this was my absolute favorite part.

Later we had more coffee at the restaurant where this pic was shot – folks, they STAMP the current menus on your table top!  I told the waitress that if I worked there I would want that job!  I would do nothing else but stamp menus  on tabletops lol!


Because this layout was all about simple pleasures,  I decided to keep everything very simple – color scheme is pretty monochromatic, soft textures.  And since I’m crafting away from my San Jose studio at the moment, the process was also very much about using what was available – scissors.


What a great meditation this process was.  I made little nests for my buttons using pretty crepe paper from Donna’s Mix’d Media Stax.


And added some pretty organza that happened to be on hand.


I have a stepped out tutorial with plenty more pix, views of the journaling, and supplies at Donna’s Blog.  Please stop by!


8 thoughts on ““La Tazza” for Donna Salazar Designs

  1. This is wonderful. Hope you don’t mind, but I mentioned your blog over at Kate Palmer’s blog (Sparkle Tart). You know I love your work, love your style. I don’t leave comments as often I would love but I’ll try in the futur. Have a great weekend.

  2. Beautiful story Vivian, you are a very talented writer. Someday I would love to be able to read more of you and your sweetheart hubby’s story, I think it would be an excellent read. Your page is beautiful, the colours are perfect with the story. Tears of joy are lovely , better than the other kind of tears.
    Jacquelene L

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