Guess What Today Is?

Happy World Card Making Day, folks!  Did you guys know that my life in papercraft started with a handmade card?  At the time, I was unable to purchase a decent gift for a friend, so I made her a card.  And when I saw how happy it made her, well that’s when life took this beautiful turn.  I love all forms of papercraft, but cards hold a special place in my heart – small works of art, made for the benefit of someone you love.  Now that can only be ALL GOOD, right?

We’ve got a plethora of great cards to celebrate WCMD over at Core’dinations today – hope you will stop by!  I would give you a sneak, but to be honest, I’m not sure which card of mine will be showcased over there.  Make a card and link it up at the Core blog to win some glorious paper!  As you know for the last several posts here at my post in the ether, it’s been card mania.  I swear I AM gonna knock out all my holiday cards this year!  I have a few new friends that I have met in the ether to whom I plan to send cards, as well, yippee!

So in honor of this glorious day, I shall share with you, just in case you missed them, something of a week or two in review of cards!  Click the pix for links to posts and tutorials!

Romantic Inking Stepped Out Tutorial

Romantic Inking Stepped Out Tutorial

Quick and Rich Autumn Cards

Quick and Rich Autumn Cards

Tips for Mass Producing Holiday Cards Video Tutorial

Tips for Mass Producing Holiday Cards Video Tutorial

Soft Impressions for Autumn Video Tutorial

Soft Impressions for Autumn Video Tutorial

Another Card from my Rich and Quick Post

Another Card from my Rich and Quick Post

I hope you find time today to celebrate this very special day.  Whatever your style or ability level, it will warm your heart to see that you have brought your special recipient a bit of joy, not just on birthdays or holidays, but at random times of the year.

I do believe the world be a better place if more folks crafted and wrote cards, and just as important, if more folks could experience what it’s like to receive them.

16 thoughts on “Guess What Today Is?

  1. Just absolutely beautiful! I do know what it is like to be the giver and the receiver of a handmade card. Nothing else like that when it comes to cards. Love what you make and how you inspire me to push the limits of creativity.

  2. Happy card day. All you cards are beautiful. I love the texture and non traditional colors. Tks for the tips. Your work is very nice and appreciated.

  3. Your post was the MOST WONDERFUL mail to wake up to this morning! Your enthusiasm is energizing! OH yes card making will be a major part of my day! At least before it warms up to do some serious leaf raking. I am ready to start sanding paper!

  4. Your cards are beautiful! Your tutorials are excellent and I enjoy and learn so much from your video tutorials. I received a handmade work of art card this week, it was so very, very special to me. I will treasure this card always and it made my day and week and many days to come more special because it was made for me. I think making handmade beautiful cards for people who truly appreciate them is important, I know when I am making a card for someone I think about that person and pray for them while I am creating their gift. Thank you for the inspiration and all you share.
    Jacquelene L

  5. Well, Today is definitely a good day to come back to replying and liking and blogging. I have taken quite a few months off from it all and I have missed you the most. But your post today has inspired me very much to return now instead of waiting till Thanksgiving, which is when I originally was going to come back. Thanks so much for your encouragement and I am back and look forward to every post you write again. Have a great day and will be keeping in touch again. Correna

    • I visited your blog a week or so ago wondering what had happened to you. So glad to hear from you and to know you are OK. Happy World Card Making Day! A great day to return to the blogosphere.

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  7. Yes Vivian, I agree with you on all counts, every time you make and send a card to someone you give them part of yourself and a mini art work. Keep on inspiring all of us. Thank You


  8. I unite my heart, my soul and my mind with all the beautiful comments made above; and I completely agree with you that this world would benefit from more people creating cards and certainly receiving them… I must confess that every time I receive one of our emails, it really compleats my day…
    Love and Light always.

  9. Beautiful artist. I too love papercrafts but have not taken it to the heights some of you have. I enjoy ATC’s and many of the ideas translate very well to them.

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