Sizzix: Who Are You?


Good morning, friends!  Today I have an exciting post to share with you!  Sizzix has an incredible campaign going on right now that is all about getting to know you!  You must check it out!!! You can win a trip to Sizzix in Lake Forest, CA for you and a friend or a $100 Sizzix gift card just by telling them Who Are You!

So I thought I’d share just a little bit about who I am in pictures and words.

Dog Nut… as in completely bonkers for dogs – they love completely and live in the moment, which are keys to happiness, in my opinion.  I rescued Pupusa (below) off the streets of East Los Angeles, right after she had gotten hit by a car.  This tiny girl loves the sunshine.  OK, not my imagination – this girl is doing a doggie meditation here, right?!  In Las Vegas, in the hottest part of the yard, in the hottest part of the summer lol!


Artsy Fartsy… In addition to my love of art and craft, I am a produced playwright!  This project is in production in Los Angeles right now and I have a short piece in it!


Tree Hugger…  Being in the garden, enriching the soil, creating a sanctuary for the birds and the bees –  these activities feel RIGHT through and through, and are crucial efforts to preserve an inhabitable earth.  Right now, I’ve still got some more soil cultivation to do.  But my long term goal with our plot is to be able to harvest most of our produce from the backyard.  Look at the bounty – this was ONE black iris I planted last year.  Look how beautifully it multiplied in one year’s time.   Just pulled these out of the ground this past weekend.


This is my crew, featuring my husband, Jonathan, AKA my angel.  I don’t know how I ever got on without him.


Finally, me and Mabu sporting a cut that shows off his silky locks lol!  This guy has been with me through thick and thin.


Anyone who knows me knows I am passionate about Sizzix!  I am in love, as much as one can be for something inanimate, with Sizzix products!  Here are a few holiday cards I’ve most recently crafted with Sizzix dies and embossing folders.  You can click on the montage to see them a bit larger…


And a more mixed media layout a made a few months ago…

Spontaneous Color Mixing

Spontaneous Color Mixing

So are you ready to tell us who you are?  For the full campaign and contest details, go here.

To enter, go here.


12 thoughts on “Sizzix: Who Are You?

  1. How lovely to get to know a little more about you and your life. I share your love of doggies, nature and crafting – though sadly, not your talent 😦 Hubby looks so nice too and it is heart-warming to read he is your angel – love that! It is plain to see that you are beautiful inside and out – thank you for sharing this post 🙂

    • thank you, pauline! i just perused your blog a bit more and regarding, the talent part, what are you talking about? i think it’s fabulous how like minded folks like us can meet on the web. your crafts and cards totally warm my heart, which in my opinion, is exactly the point. And i got a peek at some of your doodling and art journaling which was gorgeous!!!

      • Oh, thank you – wow! Really? Coming from you that means a lot. Your comment has just made me think about why I think I lack real talent. I call myself a ‘hit or miss’ crafter’ – and never really stick at anything long enough to develop it as real artists do – which incidentally is a challenge I have just set myself ….Thank you Vivian, I think you have just inspired me to deepen my work! 🙂

  2. Thank You again for sharing more of yourself your talents,your Hubby, and Pups. I’m a dog lover too, they sure can comfort you when you need it. Art is part of the soul and to share it with us is truly unselfish and inspiring. Thank you Vivian.

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