Working on Black

Good morning, my crafty peeps!  I hope you are having a great Sunday.  This morning, I took the pooches out for a beautiful, crisp walk around the ponds in our neighborhood before settling in with a cup of joe to visit with you.

This past week, I edited two new videos using the fittingly named “The Black Album” kit from Scraps of Darkness.  Tons of gorgeous black papers from some of my favorite companies included in this one.  And I was very excited when I opened this box because, as you may know, I’ve been playing with black a lot lately.  The first video, which I will share in this post, is called “Working on Black,” and goes over some media that work well when crafting on a black surface.    Here are a few samples  that I share which use stencils that were included in the kit…

VivianKehBookmarksPairThe elegant stencil pattern on the left comes from a Crafter’s Workshop/ Ronda Palazzari stencil from the kit, and the one on the right, from a cute Heidi Swapp stencil that is also in the same kit.  The kit includes a white gel pen, which gives an opaque line, great for working on dark surfaces.

VivianKehElegantBookmarkDetailIn the detail above, a very novice adventure into doodling.  To see a master doodler at work, visit Sandra at http://lifeimitatesdoodles.blogspot.com/  I’m always floored by Sandra’s doodling skillzzzzzz!

Here’s today’s video.

I realize in the video I only give you a glimpse of a few other recent experiments with black, so I thought I’d share those in more detail here.  But before I do that, may I introduce you to P’aniqua the Cat, who loves to sleep on my fabric and leave hairs for me to pick out later?

PaniquaTheCatThese Souffle pens from Sakura give a very bright, opaque color, which looks great on black.

VivianKehSoufflePen_ASometimes a dashed line is all you need to give your project that last bit of oomph.

VivianKehSoufflePen_BThe words were stamped with white pigment ink and then heat embossed .

VivianKehSoufflePen_CThe swirls were stamped lightly just to use as a guide, and then traced over with the bright Souffle pens.  You can see the differences in opacity here between the various media.   If you didn’t catch my video in which I created the layered leaf effect below using die-cut stencils, that one also works on a black surface…

VivianKehAutumnCard_DAnd you can watch it here.

Happy crafting, folks!


6 thoughts on “Working on Black

  1. Hi Vivian! First up, Paniqua the Cat is just gorgeous – I have a special place in my heart for black and white cats [having known one rather spectacular gentleman for many years who was the smartest and most affectionate fellow I’ve ever shared my life with – and that statement includes cats, dogs and men!]

    Second – and as usual – totally inspirational post and video! I have to get me some of that cardstock! I think it changes the whole way to make cards doesn’t it – the look is so elegant somehow – and I love the softness of the colours. Once again, thank you for sharing your beautiful work. 🙂

    • haha Pauline! this little guy is the most talkative cat i’ve ever met. hubbie and he can meow at each other for hours on end. he definitely has a ton of personality, but i could happily do without his habit of peeing on everything since we joined our furry families :-/ no carpets of any sort in this house. and we are learning the hard way that tile floors are better than wood.

      • Oh no – not peeing! Does this mean he feels threatened by the other furries? Is he trying to reclaim his place as top cat? Does he need therapy? [ 🙂 ] Poor fellow, poor you guys!! …… I’m just on my way to view your next video ….. 🙂

  2. Fantastic projects. I love black. Most of the rooms on my home are decorated based around black. Must add a nice supply of black paper to my stash. Loving your projects that you’ve created using it. Oh no…poor kitty. No peeing, young man. Makes me think he’s nervous/threatened by the other furry friends, maybe even jealous or could be a infection. The bad thing is once they pee in a spot not amount of cleaning with take “his” scent out. It will seep under the tiles/hardwood floor. Does he share a litter box with other cat’s in the house? If so, maybe he needs his own. Trying putting one in the spot that pee’s in all the time, that is unless he has more than one favorite place. I had a black cat years ago that did the same thing all the time. Club soda became my best friend.

  3. Thank you so much for linking to my blog! I’m honored. I love what you are doing with both the black paper and monoprinting. I’m trying to decide what craft surface I can use to get similar effects. Drywall tape might give a good texture when combined with stencils, too. Something to try this evening! You always inspire me.

  4. What a great idea to punch the tops of the tags to make them into bookmarks. Great gift idea, just saying. Loving the inks on the black as well as the doodling. Wonderful inspiration, as always.

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