A Small Request

Today I have a post that isn’t the type I usually write.  Tomorrow morning, I will drop my little Pupusa off at the hospital for major surgery.  She will be getting spayed.  I’m sure you are all wondering why I haven’t taken care of that yet.  She had undergone more pressing surgery for her leg about a year ago.  And then more recently when I took her in to get the procedure done, it was cancelled because she had just started to go into heat.  That day I was an emotional wreck, sobbing like a crazy person in the clinic, and I will confess that a part of me was relieved it was cancelled because I didn’t 100% love the vet that was going to do it, and I really wasn’t ready to do it.

I think perhaps that going through some personal problems at that time just made the idea of Pupusa having any type of procedure overwhelming to me.  I’ve had plenty of dogs and I always neutered them without much stress.  And I am not 100% sure why I’m having such a hard time with it for Pupusa.  She’s so tiny.  And it’s not as simple as it is for males.  They will be taking out so much of her.

Anyway, if you wouldn’t mind, I have small request that you will send your good thoughts and/or prayers our way for surgery without complications and speedy healing.  I knitted this sweater for her so that she doesn’t lick her wound once surgery is over.

Pupusa_AIt’s a cotton blend.

Pupusa_BBut I’m realizing she might get too hot, so I started another one that’s DK weight.

Pupusa_CFor myself, I am going to make a concerted effort not to lose control so as not to freak my puppy out any more.  Thanks in advance for your prayers.



62 thoughts on “A Small Request

  1. I will certainly keep both of you in prayers. M puppy had her surgery a couple of months ago and she did great but I was so concerned. She slept so much after the surgery that I had plenty of opportunities to hold her. She did much better than I had anticipated and this was our first dog. I cannot believe how much I love her. She is an English Sringer Spaniel – black and white.

  2. your pup is a cuttie, i will be thinking of you and you know she will be fine, why? cuz she feels the love from you and you feed her well and take care of her well also, so she will thrive and bounce back quickly, such a lucky puppy to have so much love and attention…. all is good… she will cuttle with you and both of you will get some R & R together and she will smile right back at you and say thank you for getting me healthy sooner than later!!! hugs

  3. Big hugs from San Jose. I know she will be fine, but I’m praying for your furry baby. Miss you! Wish I could be there with you.

  4. Dear Vivian, I send my loving thoughts for health and well being to you both. Here are my thoughts on your request: Pupusa can feel your emotions – and, to quote Cesar Millan – as her pack leader you must be as calm and centred as possible, holding strongly to the fact that she WILL be absolutely fine and this is the best thing you can do for her. Your confidence in the best possible outcome is all that is required for her to come through this. Our beloved pets are like our children and we must be strong for them and trust that all will be well! I love the sweater you have made her – such love right there – take the love and let go of the fear, that’s the best way to get through this! Much love and blessings and strength and sunlight, stars and fairy dust to you both 🙂
    And breathe deeply 🙂

  5. Warm wishes from South Africa for you and Pupusa for a speedy recovery!! I.m sure everything will go well. I love to knit myself and the sweater you have knitted for her is soooooooo cute!!! She is such a beautiful little doggie!! You’re in our prayers. Hugz for both of you!!

  6. I pray that God will guide the hands of the Dr and others during your puppie’s surgery,and also prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.

  7. Hi Vivian, Whilst I am sure that everything will go smoothly for Pupusa, you will both be in my prayers tonight. P.S. I love the jumper you knitted for her. She looks so adorable in it. X

  8. Definitely! I understand completely. The sweater for her is so sweet, I am sure she will get lots of compliments in it. I am also sure she will get lots of snuggles from you when she gets home! Praying for both of you. Take care

  9. Sending positive and healing thoughts your way! I’ve only spayed two of my bitches and that were for medical reasons. I hated it, so I can very well understand your feelings.

  10. Hi Vivian! First I have to say that Pupusa is so stinking cute!!! Seeing her picture put a big smile on my face. :-)) Her sweater is really cute too!! She will be in my prayers and I am sending positive thoughts your way. What kind of dog is she? Good luck! Keep us posted. Terri xo

  11. My little Cisco came thru his surgery just fine. I would definitely recommend getting your wee one an inflatable collar. Cisco thought of it as his personal travel pillow. He could eat, drink, go potty without any problems and it prevented him from getting at his stitches.
    Know you and your little one will come through this just fine.

  12. Try to be calm for yourself and Pupusa…You will both be in my thoughts all the time…Being a Furry Mum myself, I can understand the turmoil you are in.Sending more warm wishes from South Africa to you…

  13. Awe Vivian, she will be fine and I totally agree with the contented crafter.. you are her pack leader and she is counting on you for strength.. thoughts and prayers to you my friend.. I know she will do this with flying colors! here’s to a speedy recovery!!

  14. Pupusa definitely knows and feels your love…and I can imagine how proud she will be to show out in her beautiful sweater. May you stay strong and be able to share your most comforting thoughts with her throughout the next days. Both of you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. I completely understand how you feel. Vivan. I also know that little Pupusa will be fine. My little one (and she is tiny too) had it done when she was 6 months old and I was a wreck. My gosh, she came home and was amazing. She had to wear one of those little plastic cones to keep her from cleaning the wound. She did fine. I bet Pupusa comes home and surprises you too. My little girl (Sophie) is now 2 yrs old and she and I will be keeping you and Pupusa in our prayers and healing thoughts.
    I love her little sweater. Did you follow a pattern. If so, would you share it with me. Looks like it would be a good one for Ms Sophie too. Big Hugs, Jane

  16. Sending good thoughts your way. Pupusa will do just find because she is surrounded by your love and has a happy home to recover in.

  17. Vivian, Papusa will be just fine…..It is a good thing you are doing because many little babies get cancer when not spayed…..I will keep her in my thoughts….only good ones of course….

  18. Thoughts and prayers for you and Pupusa. Our pets are family so we love and nurture them. I’m sure you will both be fine once the surgery is over. Be brave. Sending hugs.

  19. All good thoughts coming your way for Papusa and you as well. She is a tiny little thing and looks lovely in her new sweater. She knows you love her and will do well.

  20. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your little Papusa. Your little sweater is very cute, and I hope it does the trick.

  21. Dear Viv, I really feel your pain. I am also an animal lover who had to put to sleep a dog and a couple of cats. Presently I have a four year old son called Saul and a loving cat called ‘torito’ (Spanish for little bull). Viv, you know that suffering and worry is a choice. We are all Divine beings and so are animals. The Divine is Infinit and omnipotently. There are no illnesses or sorrow where the Divine resides. You must keep seeing the Divine in Papusa and the doctor at all times. Please believe and be assured that the whole episode of the operation is an illusion and your Divine being is NOT going to be affected by it. I am already seeing the Divine within you all and will continue doing so.. ALL IS WELL… Namaste..xxx

  22. Given Pupusa’s history, we know she is a fighter!!! I agree completely with the entry by The contentedcrafter. You need to show her positivity and calmness. That will be reassuring. Of course you both will be in my prayers. Please post when she is safely back home!!! Lots of hugs for you both…

  23. She will be fine…it’s you thats a wreck…LOL….I do know how you feel….my sweetie just had major surgery on her foot…and its still bleeding and draining….and the stuff I have to spray on her foot…makes me sick to my stomach…smells really bad….and not to mention the little drops of blood all around the house that I have to mop every hour or so….it could be worst…….keep you and your puppy in prayers….

  24. You and Pupusa are in my thoughts and prayers. Be strong, Be positive and Believe that everything will be fine. She can sense your worry and concern, and you don’t want to make her upset. You can be strong, you can be brave. You are in my prayers, waiting to read “she came through with flying colours”. I am believing that all will be well.
    Jacquelene L

  25. Dear Vivian: My thoughts and prayers are with you from Canada. I have been doing distance healing for years now and I will send some out to your darling Pupusa. Take care of you too.

  26. Oh yes…iI know exactly how you are feeling. Having 4 dogs and having been through the same surgery I know the feeling. I cross my fingers and sending positive thoughts youray. I’m sure all will be just fine ! Your lovely care will help puppy healing in a speedy manner !!!
    And oh such cutesweayers you knitted. You are so creative and talented. Not just scrapbooking, paper craft but also knitting…wohoooo !!!
    Warm hugs and wishes for all the best…

  27. Hi Vivian!

    I am reaching out to you through cyberspace and giving you the biggest hug and my shoulder to cry on! {{{HUGS}}}

    I COMPLETELY understand how you are feeling! I am like that with all my 4-legged babies. I currently have 4 girl dogs (I absolutely adore them) and the biggest of the bunch is about 8lbs. Not only is it harder for the females but it is more risky for the toy breeds too. In my former life, I was a veterinarian assistant. I specialized in surgery and the doctor that I worked for was AWESOME and sincerely cared for each and every animal that we operated on. Knowing all the behind the scene “stuff” and TOTALLY trusting the doctor, I was still a nervous wreck!

    My smallest is only 4 lbs and last year we had her spayed at 6 months of age. I actually made my current vet prove to me and show me that they had the correct equipment, and the correct size of endo tubes to accommodate her tiny body! Yup, I did!

    Even still, my husband actually had to remind me to breath during the time I was waiting for a phone call to let me know she was ok.

    I consider it a privilege to pray for Paupsa, and for you as well as for the doctor and the assisting staff! Like you said, an uneventful surgery and speedy healing!

    I absolutely adore the photo you posted of Papusa sporting that fabulous new sweater you knitted! I actually woke my husband up to read your post and look at that adorable photo!

    {{{HUGS}}} to you and Papusa,
    Your friend,

    P.S. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post about her condition as soon as you are able, I will not stop praying or worrying about her till I hear back from you.

  28. I know how worried you are and anxious to have it over with. Papusa will be fine, just a little groggy afterwards. She will heal fast especially with all the tlc you will give her!

  29. Yes, she is a tiny little girl, but she grows in strength knowing you love and care for her. You have reached out and in turn have received many messages of love and support which will help both of you through this time. She will be in that little sweater before you know it!

  30. Hi Vivian — my prayers are with you. I would love to have a four-legged family member but can’t do so right now. I can sympathize. No one likes to watch little ones have to go through an ordeal, especially after coming through something major like Papusa did with her leg. Please keep us updated. Love the sweater. You are so gifted!! Brilliant idea for post-surgery. Hang in there. — Mary Elizabeth

  31. She is so sweet! My thoughts are with you. I lost my dog of 16 years last week…it is amazing how quickly and deeply they become part of your life and how we worry about them as well. I’m sure Papusa will be fine!

  32. Valerie: Especially when we have something of our own going on, it makes dealing with these type of things much worse. You have my prayers. light, and love to you both. I have the cat from hell but I love her and keep her because no one else would put up with her and I take having pets seriously also. I pray you have a different vet because I know what that feels like also. She is so cute and reminds me of a little dog I used to have many years ago and loved so much. Lots of love coming your way to surround you all.

  33. Prayers, hugs and understanding are on the way to you. All will be fine and your little pup will handle the surgery just fine. Drink some chamomile tea while meditating. This should help calm you and send positive calming vibs to your puppy.

  34. Sorry that I am a day late with my comment, but I just read your post. I hope that surgery went well, and that she’s now back home with you. Cute sweater!

  35. I think it is more traumatic for us than for them – at least that’s how it seemed when I had to take my little girls in for the same. Mine were 7 and 4 lbs, so quite small – they pulled through and recovered really fast. I hope yours does the same!

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