Pupusa is Home

Thank you so much, everyone, for the outpouring of love regarding my little Pupusa’s surgery today.  All your good thoughts and prayers soothed my spirit and helped us all so much.  I made sure to be a strong support for Pupusa when I dropped her off and when I picked her up this afternoon.  I also made sure that the clinic had all the supplies and experience to deal with tiny dog issues.  Big hugs to you.

Yesterday, I didn’t share with you that if she did well under anesthesia, 3 procedures would be done – spay, umbilical hernia, and dental cleaning.  I was most panicked about the spay, but the vet said everything went smoothly.  She found that while Pupusa’s teeth had only mild plaque, that same 2 top teeth and the same 2 bottom teeth were abnormal – the roots had reabsorbed and no longer existed, so the caps were just sitting on top, held in place by gums. Apparently this happens frequently with cats, not so much with dogs, so it was somewhat unusual.  She also found one blood test for the liver showing slightly elevated levels of something called ALT (if I remember correctly) most probably connected to the tooth situation.  We will retest in a few months.

So even if that doesn’t make much sense, I am glad we were able to remove bad teeth and put a close eye on an issue that could possibly need our attention down the line.

How is the pup doing?  Well, Pupusa is disoriented, and breathing like she does when she sleeps, a constant wheezing.

PupusaPostSurgeryShe just wants to lay down in one place, but she’s not sleeping.  My poor baby.  Mommy won’t be leaving her side much over the next few days.  But I am so relieved that everything went smoothly.  I will post updates on my facebook page for those of you who want to know how she is doing.

Once again, I was overwhelmed by the abundance of love and support you all showed on my last post  – wow!  I reread your comments throughout the day so that I could stay calm and collected.  Much gratitude and many hugs from me you through the ether.




29 thoughts on “Pupusa is Home

  1. So happy! 🙂 And you are so right – catching something now that could have been a big issue further along in time is one of the blessings to come from this. Do you give Pupusa arnica – I recommend it for both of you 🙂 Hugs.

  2. So wonderful to hear surgery went well and you were able to support Pupusa! Hugs to you throughout Pupusa’s return to full health.

  3. Whew! Vivian, I am SO relieved that Papusa pulled through all of her procedures! Her groggy and disoriented state won’t last for very long…thank goodness! You will be totally amazed at how much better she will be tomorrow! She will not be able to jump up or jump down but she will definitely much better. If she has a habit of standing on her hind legs…to get your attention so you can pick her up or to beg for food, she may “forget” about the pain and stand up out of habit and yelp in pain from the stretching of the surgical site and sutures. She will learn her limits. BUT…if I know her mama…she won’t be needing to seek any attention at all for quite a while! 😉
    Vivian, I know that you are SO glad that this is all over. Take a deep breath and just enjoy your weekend cuddling your sweet baby.

  4. Good thing that she got a thorough examination whilst under…bad teeth can leed to so many health issues…She will have a good sleep today to rid her body of the anaesthesia…Enjoy pampering her but remember to look after yourself as well….Big sunny hugs!!!

  5. Thanks Viv, for sharing the Divine news…. Papusa could have not asked for a better family, she is sorrounded by Love and Love is the ultimately Healer, so I have no doubt she will make a magical recovery.. I will continue seeing the Divine being in all of you.. Viv, look after yourself and keep up the wonderful knitting, you are indeed Divine. ALL IS WELL.. Hugs and kisses from London. Namaste..xxx

  6. So glad to hear your baby is home safe and that both of you are doing well. Glad they were able to find that issue with her teeth as well. My baby boy is 16 and I was there the day he was born and I pray I am there the day he leaves. They are such a huge part of our lives!!!! Good luck. I look forward to hearing more.
    Doggy hugs

  7. Hi Vivian, I had a 3 1/2 lb. Yorkie that had much of the same problems. She
    came through it with flying colors and lived to 18yrs old. Get well very soon
    Pupusa and live a long healthy life.

  8. I totally understand how attached you are to Pupsa and the worry you have had over hersurgery and postop care. While my Max is a larger bl. cocker spaniel, he is also very special . Pegge


  9. I am so very happy she is home and doing well. That mommy can relax a little, knowing everything went smoothly. Four legged babies are very precious, and we worry over them. Our girl is thirteen, her hearing isn’t as good, her eyesight isn’t as good, and she has arthritis in her back legs. We love her and we need her, she is our baby, we will enjoy her for as long as she is with us.
    Knitting the sweater coat for her is a great idea Vivian, she looks so very cute in it.
    Jacquelene L

    • I’m going to try to put in a link here – she’s healing nicely, cindy! thanks for the love.

  10. I hadn’t read that your friend was having surgery, but am happy she is doing well. I’m sure with your love and attention she will be running around just as before, in the blink of an eye. Best wishes to all.

  11. I’m glad it went well. It’s so hard when our pets are at the vet, they can’t tell you how they feel so like you, I worry. The little sweater is cute. Keep us updated.

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