Gracefully Letting Go

Over the past few weeks, my friend here in Vegas, Angie, so kindly brought me as a guest to a few yoga classes at a studio that I used to frequent when we lived here full time.  There’s a great new teacher there named Erica, and her style of teaching makes me feel simultaneously energized and at ease, which is great, because in the past, depending on the style and teacher, I would sometimes walk out of a class feeling tight and exhausted.

Anyway, at the beginning of my first practice with Erica, she said something to the class that has stuck with me – “Gracefully let go of that which was not meant for you.”  Although you readers and I have all walked unique paths in life, I’m thinking these words might somehow resonate for all of us and help us to process our regrets, which hopefully number only a few.

As I created this piece, I whispered this mantra to myself, and so it definitely informed the work.


A close up of my teacher’s wise words.

VivianKehGracefullyLetGo_BMorning dew on spider webs.


I share how to create these textures in the video which accompanies today’s post!


More fine texture.


And a video link for you!

I hope you enjoy it!  Oh and just in case you weren’t aware, all my videos are in HD, so if you want a clear picture, make sure to adjust your viewing settings using the gear icon  in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Have a fantastic weekend, folks!


52 thoughts on “Gracefully Letting Go

  1. Fabulous artwork! Hot glue and sprays are an amazing mix! Haven’t seen the string gel here in New Zealand, but will watch out for it.
    The quote is very pertinent for me also.

    • thank you! i would think the string gel should be available at the pure art supply shops, maybe not the art & craft shops. hope you are able to find some – i had a lot of fun, especially seeing how it worked in conjunction with pigment.

  2. Gosh Vivian, as I’ve ploughed through all my blog links this morning I have found three [count ’em 3!] different ways of saying the same thing – you are the third, bless you! I needed to hear this message today and finally have! Watching your process is as always an absolute delight. The finished art work is stunning! Glad to hear that Pupusa is doing well too – Lots of good things happening for you. Much love!

    • thank you, pauline. glad to find that these words are helping you as they have helped me. pupusa is just as much of a nut and back to her antics and i am soo soo happy about that. new sweater that i’ll have her model, too!

  3. Hi Viv… It’s great to hear that Papusa is recovering well.. Yes, I love the mantra too, its very powerful, for me even just the two words ‘let go’ which I find myself saying very often, have a very significant effect. Thanks for sharing it… Viv, your work is just awesome, you are such a gifted lady..

    Love and Light always.

  4. I waited all day to watch this one. I am very interested in that string gel and oh those new mists…the green and the sepia are my favorites of the lot. I just love how you almost always start out by saying, “I decided to do something a little bit different”. Of course you did. That’s why we love you so much. I’ve tried making dew drops with hot glue but so far mine are looking very narley and not very nice at all. Practice, practice. Some day I too will have perfect dew drops. lol Thank you Vivian. You’ve made my day once again. ❤

  5. This art canvas is beautiful. The words are very true, but very difficult to actually live. I like the idea of the little spiders building webs in our minds that help make it difficult for us to let go. I too find spiders fascinating, I can’t kill them, I enjoy watching them and looking at their webs. I like how you bejeweled your webs with morning dew. Spiders are tenacious, even when their webs are ruined, they will start and finish a new one.
    Jacquelene L

    • yes, jacquelene. they are extraordinary creatures and i am at one fascinated and terrified by them. the web is so symbolic, i think, and when i do more hot glue webs, i definitely want to try to incorporate the cool mending that spiders do on their webs. thank you!!!

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    • awww thank you so much patricia! i am so glad to see you crafting and arting up a storm, too! your altered trolley is an unbelievable transformation! i couldn’t believe that gorgeous structure had once been plain plastic.

  7. Wonderful and fanciful…again 🙂 Hmmm, I used clear tar gel on a project and it appears to be almost the same as the string stuff you used. I’ll have to look them both up and see what the difference is. Just love the colors you used from Lindy’s Stamp Gang; guess I’ll have to check them out. I keep hearing so many good things about their products. Anyway, again, wonderful work and thanks for sharing your talents.

  8. Just for the absolute fun of it, I have created a new Pineterest board called “Things for Vivian”. This is apart from my ContadinaK board which is only your tutorials. I want to see how close I can come to finding things that would appeal to you. I hope you will check it out once in awhile and leave a comment regarding my accuracy or not. I want to know if you don’t like also. lol It make take awhile to build this board since I want to put a bit of thought into it. Hope you enjoy my idea. Love Sus

  9. I commented on YouTube and thought I had here too. Once again you amaze and delight. I love this spiderweb. Soooooo cooool. And the sentiment is something I could use at my desk at work. I don’t find myself with a lot of spare time to try out your techniques but last weekend I was able to try my hand with the glue gun again. I have a Christmas canvas idea brewing. Not quite satisfied with the results but will keep at it. I will share as I get closer to my vision. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • aww sharon i am so thankful for you! when i get my act together, i want to come to chico scrapbooks and we will hot glue together! today i have decided to start preparing my application to become a CHA member. and i’m thinking i will come to the next CHA convention so i can start learning how to achieve my goals!

  10. Hi there,
    Recently came across your blog. Love the way you play with the hot glue gun to create textures in your art pieces. Your blog inspires me to create works of art like this. Thanks for sharing & Keep Rocking !

  11. Vivian – I know this is rather a late comment. I have only just tentatively returned to crafting, we all have tough life happenings that put our creating aside right?
    I have come right from watching this video & Oh gosh, Incredible – truly! Love the words & thoughts relating to the web, yes a hard one to do indeed!
    Sally, I cannot comment on YouTube right now so HAD to come here & tell you my eyes & mind never tire of watching your process (especially with hot glue, you are the reason I bought a glue gun!)
    Beautiful colours & effects (wish Lindy’s would sell here in UK).
    Thank you for all your work & inspiration. Hope 2014 is a happier & healthier one for you & yours!
    Caroline (aka on YouTube – oops, forgot. Anywaaaay…..)

  12. This is stunning, I love the texture you created. You have inspired me to look out for string gel, it looks a lot of fun. I have micro beads, do you think the string gel has enough strength to hold a few of those to catch the light, where you have the hot glue beading?

    Best wishes


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