Natural Patterns Video Tutorial

Hello, friends.  How has your week been going?  I have a new video tutorial to share today, and it features a few of the several fantastic mediums that are available in Scraps of Darkness’ November 2013 Kit.  Mists, paints and pastes are like liquid gold to me, so I was especially excited to open this month’s package, which is chock full of the aforementioned yummies.

The act of opening this kit was somewhat bittersweet for me.  With a heavy heart, I will tell you that this is the last kit that I will be working with as an Educator with Scraps of Darkness. This kit club really suits me to a T, and it was incredibly difficult for me to say goodbye.  But as you may know, I have a few professional ideas in the works as I move forward in my crafting career, and I must carve out some time to realize those dreams.

About the video.  While prepping walls for painting, I made several stops at the hardware store.  On one of those trips, I picked up a small paint roller and had some fun using it with the paints and pastes included in November’s kit.

I can imagine this technique put to beautiful use with plain white paint on a kraft background to achieve the impression of snow and trees.  I would also love it with a pure gold paint for beautifully festive texture.  In fact, I just may give those colors a try as the holidays roll in and I want to wrap gifts fast but add a unique touch.  I am also thinking that it would be spectacular on a small accent wall in  my home – perhaps a nook in my studio!!!  This technique gives ridiculously fast results and was a really liberating exercise to conduct after a long stretch of terribly non-existent mojo.


In this video, I used several products from Viva Decor that were part of the kit, as well as a bit of Lumiere paint from Jacquard.  All the details are provided in the video.

I used some of this yummy crunchy upcycled paper bag  in my December Daily.  Throughout this month, you will see more pages from it as well as the cover.  My intention is that this book will document the little details of the life I share with my guy, things that might seem mundane to others but which are absolutely precious to me.  I promised that I would give an explanation for the title to this December Daily entry here on the blog…

VivianKehPaintDecemberDaily_A1So, I was a bit hesitant to start a December Daily, since what I’ve seen online is very much about how everyone’s kids experience this special month.  But I decided that mine will be more of a diary of little bits, celebrating a month in the lovely life I share with my man and our furry babies. For December 2nd, I chose to document how our day began – hubbie woke up a bit grumpy, complaining that he had slept terribly because our Cocker Spaniel, Mabu, refused get out of DH’s spot in the bed, and I had hogged all the blankets.  I pointed out that he could have easily lured Mabu to another spot with treats, that he could have woken me up and asked for some covers, just as I will often nudge him during the night asking him to turn on his side so that he doesn’t snore as loudly :-).    I journaled about the endearing grump in a fold out portion of the page.

While crafting this page, I recalled a dream hubbie had a few years ago when we were dating and doing the long-distance thing  between Los Angeles and San Jose.  In his dream, a large Greek man – a muscular body-builder type with thick, black, wavy hair – was trying to woo me away from DH.  Turned out his name was Mabu!  We joked that the man’s full name was Mabufolos Dogopolis and shared a hearty laugh over it.  It’s funny how things change – now that we are married, dynamics have shifted in our human/furry family.  Mabu adores his Daddy so much that as part of his daily ritual, he will, slowly and lovingly, lick DH all over his bald head.  I will watch and comment on how dang cute that is, and also feel just a teensy weensy bit jealous, because it is  a behavior my furry boy has never shown with me.  I’m not alpha :-/

That’s it for today – if you’ve never done this before, I hope you get a chance to try this easy technique out.  It’s really fun, and I promise, you will be “mmm mmm mmm” – ing and “ooh ooh ooh” – ing the whole time!


19 thoughts on “Natural Patterns Video Tutorial

  1. Dear Viv,
    I was so happy to receive this email on your new post today, as I have really missed you and your wonderful work.. You are a very busy lady and time is passing by at ‘vertiginosa’ speed for all of us… 😦
    Your upcycle idea and painting technique are superb, I love it…
    I wish you the best in your new professional direction, and have no doubt you will success, but please don’t deprive us for too long of learning and enjoying your wonderful artistic talent… 🙂
    Love and light always…xx
    (Gloria from London)

  2. So glad to see you e-mail about a tutorial…I have missed them! And indeed it is another great onel. I will miss seeing your techniques with the yummy goodies from the Scraps of Darkness kits. I have used the rubber band technique with a brayer but it looks like even more fun with the sponge roller. I am going to give it a try.

    • i will have to try with a brayer. with the sponge, you get the sponge imprint and not the rubber band. last night i did some more just with leftover primer and it was really fun.

  3. I didn’t want to say anything because I knew how busy you’ve been getting your home in order but I was beginning to grieve because of no video tutorials. You got to me in the nick of time. I love brown paper and I’ve saved a huge stack of it from my last job. I love the wrinkles and crinkles too. Holy Moly that big red stamp is awesome. After Christmas I’ll be going on the hunt for one of those! Very sad you will not be doing Scraps of Darkness anymore. They were always favorites of mine. Looking forward to hearing more about the big plans for the future because I know it will be good. Love always. xox

    • thank you, susan! yes i am trying to get the house ready for in-laws. yesterday i did a lot of ladder climbing and boy today my back is complaining like nobody’s business lol!

  4. A fantastic tutorial!! Love the idea with the sponge brayer, such a cool effect! They will miss you on their team, but I wish you loads of good luck with your next steps!!

  5. Loved your tutorial and how you used the roller. What a great idea. I also wish you so much luck with your future plans. I am about to enter another phase of my life and I’m not doing it without some kicking and screaming even though it is something that I want to do. In all of this, I turn to all of you to regain my balance and center and appreciate the peace, centering, mojo it brings me! Thank you so much!!! Cindy

    • thanks so much, cindy! i feel the same way about our crafty friends in the ether. much luck in the new changes in your life. i get a little flutter in my heart when i think about moving forward, but it’s all good. kudos to you for continuing to grow, evolve, and realize your dreams!!!

  6. Love this idea Vivian. I can see it working in reverse too on a hard roller. As ever you have a fantastic knack of pushing the boundaries and experimenting just that bit further. It’s so creative and inspiring. Jenny x

  7. I have so enjoyed your work & inspiration!!!! You will be missed. If you will be doing similar work, please add me to your email list. I love to watch you work. May God bless you on your new ventures!

    • thank you, leigh! moving forward, i will be definitely doing work in the same vein. i don’t have an “email list,” but you can receive emails when i post by clicking the “follow” button in the right column of this page. hope you will!

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