5000 YouTube Subscriber Giveaway – CLOSED

Hello friends!  Wow the Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show had so much to offer in the way of learning – the business workshops were so helpful, and if you are a craft professional or an aspiring craft professional, I highly recommend it.  I know many of you are lured by the pricey crafty inky workshops.  But if you are interested in starting your own business or making a living in the craft industry, and you want to make the most of your time there, I would suggest taking a closer look at the business offerings for next year’s show.  Very empowering.

So as I try to get back into the swing of life here at home, I wanted to get this post up ASAP.  I had meant to do a giveaway in December to celebrate 4000 subscribers, but my life got too crazy to get it together.  Folks, in one month’s time, we hit another milestone of 5000 subscribers.  I can’t believe it!  Thanks so much for your support, and for spreading the word via your social media networks.  I really appreciate it, and look forward to providing you even more inspiration in 2014.

So to see what’s up for grabs, watch the video.

I have a giveaway on youtube with punches and Sizzix Bigz dies.  This one is only for the USA. For that one, confirm that you are a youtube subscriber and leave a comment on the video on youtube telling me what you’d like to see from me this year – more of something in particular?  A technique you are curious about?

International folks don’t despair!  There is a simultaneous giveaway here on the blog just in case I have an international winner.  This one has chipboard butterflies, several woodblock stamps, cling stamps, an embossing folder, and fabric flowers. If you want to qualify for this giveaway, you must be a blog subscriber by email.  See the bar on the right of the blog?  There is a button there to follow by email.

Thanks again, everyone!  Woo hoo we met a huge milestone!

I will announce a winner on Friday, January 23rd, 2014.


69 thoughts on “5000 YouTube Subscriber Giveaway – CLOSED

  1. Hello
    Not sure if its a issue with You Tube but I’ve attempted at least a dozen times to leave a comment for the giveaway. What is happening is as soon as the video starts to load it’s take to you to the Balancing LIghts and Darks. I tried two different browsers so I’m not sure if the issue is the link or a You Tube glitch. I would love to be able to comment and be in the giveaway. Just wanted to give you a head ups.

  2. Congratulations! I’m a yt subbie and would love to see more of your mixed media vids, particularly how to use products for textures and “building up” the pages. Everything I attempt seems flat. lol!

  3. Hi Vivian, congrats on reaching your milestone on YouTube! I am a long time email subscriber and think I have read all of your posts. Would love to see more of your mixed media and painting in the upcoming year!

    Thanks for taking the time to post your videos!

  4. Hi from New Zealand! I am a longtime blog and youtube fan!
    Sorry to hear of the passing of your furry friend.
    Love watching you create! Would like to see mixed media canvases. Thanks.

  5. Congratulations on the 5000! What an accomplishment. I’d like to see more of your mixed media works of art. What I’ve seen so far is so helpful – your videos bring them to life for me. Thanks for sharing yourself and your time with us.

  6. Hi Vivian
    I just want to begin by saying your an absolute inspiration. I adore all your craft projects and appreciate the time and effort you put towards them in order to document your work for us! For 2014 it would be cool if you do more painting based projects incorporated with mixed media. For me personally that would be awesome!!! Thanks heaps and good luck for the future ♡

  7. What a milestone to meet. You are a Youtube rock star. I am a subscriber both to your youtube channel and your blog by email. I love all the wonderful techniques you offer. More please

  8. I have been following you for quite a while now and so sorry to hear about your little friend. congrats on 5000 it is a great achievement.

  9. I’m not sure if you want me to comment on things I would like to see from you this year – but I will say this – I watch your videos with awe. You are so far ahead of me, how can I possible even think about what you might show me. I love what you do – so just keep doing that! Thank you! Julie

  10. What I would like for 2014 would be more hot glue ideas for my mixed media projects!! Again congrats on your Youtube numbers!!! You are awesome!

  11. Just left my comment on Youtube but came over here to add that I would absolutely love to see your artistic abilities demonstrated on an assemblage project. That would be cool! HUGS, Russell

  12. I’m from your youtube channel ….I’m a follower here too…I really would like for you to do more watercoloring….I’ve learn so much from you and I like how you color as well…your mixed media are out of this world talented and learn from them as well…congrats on the 5000 memebers….you rock….tfs

  13. So sorry about your pup hugs… Your other pup is so adorable… Congrats in reaching 5000 subbies that is such a great accomplishment well done and keep it up… We love your work and you inspire us to try new things… The tutorials I would love to see would have to techniques and mixed media… Basically product information on what u use/ different things we can do with that one item would be awesome… Thank so much sara

  14. Hi Vivian, I have been following your blog and YouTube Chanel and have been really loving your fresh take on mixed media supplies and projects. I would LOVE to see more different approaches to projects mixing the use of both fine art and craft elements and supplies. Thanks for being ever so inspiring!

  15. Great post. Look fwd to future posts and vids as always. Didn’t leave a comment on the vid as YouTube won’t let me now that they have their push to connect Google & YouTube accts., which I don’t want:) Hope the new year brings all good and creative things to you and yours.~ Terry

  16. Vivian,

    I would love to get into the “art” industry . How do you go about it? I know I should be blogging more, trying out for design teams, possibly starting an online store, doing videos. How do you qualify for CHA? Any tips/tricks will be appreciated.


  17. Hi Vivian – I’m curious…I used to be a subscriber via e-mail, but switched over in the last several months to Feedly. Is it better for you and other bloggers to have e-mail subscribers rather than something like Feedly?
    Congratulations on your 5000 you tube subscribers. I remember the exact card you made that got me started watching you regularly…it was from April 5, 2012…Gratitude Friday Card Making Tutorial: “Empathy”.
    It’s a beautiful card, but what put you over the top (in my mind) was your heartwarming, thoughtful, conscious narration. Really inspiring.
    I’ve enjoyed watching you use mists and Faber Castell products and the glue gun (of course) and the Scraps of Darkness mixed media pieces. It’s fun to watch and peaceful as well…:) Thank you for always talking about your process and how you decide the next step. Take care and enjoy your day! 🙂

  18. Oh sweet you.. I’m already a loyal follower. As the above ( Vicky) I dont know if it makes a difference if following through a blog feeder or directly via E mails.
    Thank you for sharing all your fabolous art work. I have learned so much from you and soaked lots of inspiration. I’m looking forward to see all you’ll share in 2014.
    Happy New Year dear !!!!!
    Hugs from SPAIN

  19. Oh Wow, Congratulations to you for reaching another milestone (‘tho, I am surprised you aren’t reaching 50,000 for all the brilliant inspiration & tutorials you bring to us)!!
    How generous you are too, allowing us international followers to have a chance with a giveaway. It sounds amazing too! So exciting.
    Love your videos & blog, have been a follower of both for sometime! Thank goodness I follow by email (lol).
    Really look forward to all you have planned for the coming year…
    Thank you for this opportunity & much more! C :)))

  20. It is nice to see you back, I miss your tutorials, which is so relaxing and so peaceful.
    But most of all your rich knowledge in art crafts is admirable. Keep it up, and say cheers everyday in the new year. Anything about paper craft is good to me.

  21. Hello and congratulations on your now over 5000 subscribers! I have been a fan and a YouTube subscriber for a while now. I love your work! I have recently set up my own blog (in January) so it really is a baby blog, but I will be posting more of my creations as time goes. Your website is great so I’m feeling positively inspired and look forward to receiving your newsletters via email 🙂 Also, thank you for the opportunity to win a great bundle if goodies! All the best! Ingrid x

  22. By the looks of your knowledge of how different media react/work with each other I have a long way to go, but I have to start somewhere so I have picked you to learn from! Your tutorials are fabulous and I can’t wait to see more. And also thanks for the chance to win some amazing things!

  23. Hi I have just subscribed to you. Looking forward to lots of mixed media inspiration. Also sorry to hear of your dear kitty passing. We had the same situation in November when we lost our boy to heart failure. It definitely leaves a hole in you heart.

  24. I follow both your youtube channel and your blog! Love to see more mixed media. Congrats on reaching this milestone.!

  25. Hi Viv. Glad you had a good time at CHA. I’ve been a subscriber for quiet awhile as you know. I would love to win this this little package if I should be so lucky. If I did win I would especially love it if you would sign your autograph somewhere for me to keep. You know I am very fond of you. In my opinion you are the most talented crafter on the web. I’ve watched thousands of tutorials and always go back to yours to soothe my soul. For me to pick something that I would like to see you do is very tough because I want to see you do everything! I love it when you incorporate some drawing and painting with the mixed media such as in the journal page with the rudebekia, (sp) stamps and hot glue. My absolute favorite. Whatever you decide to do is fine with me. Congrats on hitting 5000. Go girl!

  26. I am so happy to say that I have been following you for about a year. I so enjoy your videos. Your use of hot glue has opened a new door for me in my creativity.

  27. I love all your products and videos how to use them! I
    ” would like to see a girls line geared to 6 yrs – 12 yr range! My Grandaughter is is 6 and loves to scrap and also has an interest in making cards!

  28. I have posted on You Tube but didn’t want to miss posting here….. I would love to see your painting and some more of the hot glue mixed media techniques….

  29. always check in every couple of days to see your lovely projects, now i am a follower too. thank you for sharing all your great art.

  30. Love Live Live your work and have been a follower of yours in YouTube since I started watching YouTube videos. Your blog is Beautiful and I’m becoming a follower here as well. Just as soon as I figure out where to add my email that is. I’m in the US too. Big Hugs, Sue Ann 🙂

    A well deserved achievement – it just goes to show how much we all enjoy your work!!!
    I’m afraid that I’m not a regular commenter on your blog but I am a big fan of your work on the Core’dinations Blog 🙂 Videos are a wonderful way for me to learn, as I can rewind and replay to make sure I understand everything properly, so I’m thrilled to be one of your fans 🙂
    Keep up the great work and wishing you luck in reaching 10,000 real soon!!!
    Tracy Moloney

    • OOPS – I forgot to say that I’m a subscriber here and on YouTube but I’m international, so please don’t include me in your prize draw – I just wanted to add my CONGRATULATIONS 🙂

  32. Hello Vivian,
    I have been a subscriber to your blog for over one year. I really enjoy reading your blog and watching your videos, I also have my granddaughters watching.I am an watercolour artist and have recently moved to mixed media and inking. Your giveaway for international viewers is awesome, as I am incorporating stamping in my watercolour and ink painting. For my inking I can use any type of texture for stamping, such as bubble wrap, saran wrap, feathers and they really work well.
    Kathryn from Canada

  33. Hi Vivian,
    happy new year and congratulations on reaching 5,000! I’ve been a subscriber on YouTube for a while now and am one here too now. I love your videos and would love to see more mixed media ones. Thanks for the chance to win.

  34. Hi Vivian! I’ve been following your videos for some time now, and recently subscribed to your blog via email posts. This is a really fun giveaway, so trendy! I wish you success in 2014, I know you’ll do well. Thanks for sharing all of your talent and inspiration! xoxo Jen

  35. Hi Vivian! Just a quick note here and don’t know where else to comment but I have been getting in my email copies of all the comments gals are making. How can I change that? Announcements and such from you is what I thought I was only going to receive. So sorry I had to mention this. Maybe other gals are finding the same thing happening.

  36. I just popped over from your You Tube Channel to become you blogfollower. Thanks so much for the chance of winning this lovely give away, and please keep those wonderful vidos coming. I so enjoy seeing you create. Hugs Frea

  37. I follow your You-tube channel and your blog, and you are always informative and inspiring. I really enjoy your mixed media tutorials; however, I will admit that I enjoy your card videos as well as they often will prompt me to try something new. Thank you!

  38. Hello Vivian, just found you and love your videos thank you for sharing your talent, It is an inspiration. Congratulations on reaching 5000 subscribers. Will follow you from now on. Great giveaway love it!! Hugs Annita

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  40. So glad you are back to videoing (is that a word?). I am really looking forward to another year of your fantastic talent.

  41. Congratulations, Vivian! 5000 Subbies is incredible! I love all your vids but especially love to learn new and different ways on how to use our Dies.Also love all the things going on with Ice Resin, Sizzix and Spellbinders, too. Love both companies and all the new products and ideas coming out of CHA. I love all your mixed media projects. They are always so beautiful. Thanks for the awesome prizes in the giveaway!!

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  43. First I would like to say how sad I am for you on the loss of your beloved pet. They get in our hearts and leave lasting love and memories. Congrats on 5000 subscribers…you deserve a good following. Since I am too good at painting, I would love to see you do some painting and ore of your mixed media. It all is so lovely. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Blessings.

  44. I love everything you do! I have been a subbie of your blog and YT channel since the beginning and honestly think that if we lived in the same city we would be neighbors! I don’t think my family would ever see me again….I would be over crafting, chatting, and laughing with a dear friend and my fur babies and your fur babies would be enjoying play dates…No laundry, No dishes….Oh a girl can dream!

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