A Setup that Works!

So I am completely reorganizing my art studio.  Not just cleaning up, but moving furniture.  Doing both at the same time… well, you can imagine the chaos.  I decided to start this process as soon as I got home from CHA.  The lower back was still completely uncooperative, and by starting this project when I did, I probably delayed the healing by a day or two.

“Why the heck did she do that?” you may be asking.  Those of you who aren’t crafters especially may be thinking, ‘What’s the big deal?’  In my opinion, papercrafters, the really gung ho papercrafters, make a humongous mess, and almost always have difficulty staying organize from session to session.    If it’s all done in one space, sometimes the wet media infect patterned papers, (yeah you know what I’m talkin’ about).  So to think I’m figuring out a way to work THAT WORKS(!!!)  makes me really happy! I’ll save the details for another post, because what works for me might not work for you.  I will share that for today’s project, having easy access to my media, being able to play with it at a station designated for that kind of work, and then be able to easily put all it all away felt great!

So I have some small gifts to package and I’m really excited to be able to use gift bag and pillowbox dies from Sizzix’s Where Women Cook Collection for that purpose.  These dies will be useful for presenting small gifts throughout the year.


The bag shown above is the Sizzix “Bag with Flap” # 659197.”  I also die-cut a Sizzix “Box, Fancy Pillow” #659188, using a Mixed Media paper sturdy enough to handle wet media.

VivianKehSizzixGifting_02Once the pieces were cut, I used them to play with my mists.  The resulting patterns are natural and vibrant – if you want to see more of how I mist, I have several videos on that subject available for viewing on my YouTube channel.

VivianKehSizzixGifting_03I never get tired of this stuff!

VivianKehSizzixGifting_04Once the misted patterns dried, I swiped with some coordinating colors of distress ink and did just the tiniest bit of background stamping and then assembled with a good adhesive.

VivianKehSizzixGifting_AI used the same techniques for the warmly hued pillow box.  Recognize the heart shape on the left?  This is my favorite heart die-cut of the season, Sizzix “Hearts, True Affections” #658923.  And the lovely Irish Claddagh was die-cut from the Sizzix “Heart Crown & Bird Tags” #659183 Die and Embossing Folder Set.

These little packages can house any small gift – something handmade, a little trinket, candy, chocolates, little love nuggets whatever that may mean to you :-).  Remember it’s the thought that counts!

Happy crafting, friends!


Lindy’s Stamp Gang – mists
Ranger – Distress Ink
Really Reasonable Ribbon – paper cord
Tombow – hook and loop tabs


7 thoughts on “A Setup that Works!

  1. I am just about to try and do the same thing in my studio room – separate the areas…… Great minds and all that 🙂 I also love the blue/green, my home is becoming infected with that colour palette!!

    • I adore these colors, too! Walls still need to be painted in our home, but I think I will keep my current favorite colors as accent pieces. Will share the studio when it the transformation is complete!

  2. Hi, Vivian. I understand about the lower back problems, and re-organizing a studio when you shouldn’t. I am currently doing the same, with lower back issues. I am looking forward to seeing how you have organized your mixed media art studio. I am always frustrated with my art room. I end up spread out in every room in our apartment and my husband hates that. The wet media is my biggest challenge, I need a sink in my studio, not happening. Please share your new studio layout and why you organize your layout this way. It may not be my way of working, but, I find I often get ideas that I can use for myself. Thank you for sharing today, and take care of your back.
    Jacquelene L

  3. Thank you again for the ink/water, water/ink explanations – you have no idea how useful it’s been or the impact it’s had behind the scenes! Always love the way you bring your love of nature into everything even if the projects aren’t specifically floral based. Jenny x

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