An Announcement!

Good morning, friends!  How are you doing?  Today is extra special here on the blog because I get to spill the beans on some crafty news I’ve been holding onto for a few months.  As you may know, my heart sings when I’m working with lots of media.  So when Clearsnap invited me to design for them, I really couldn’t pass up the amazing opportunity!   Clearsnap products have been with me since I began crafting and have become indispensable to me as my crafting style has evolved.  I am heartily looking forward to working with Jennifer and the team over the coming year, being inspired by them and also being able to continue to inspire you with art and craft inspired by nature!!!

If you are visiting me here at my home in the ether for the first time, I hope you’ll take a moment to browse my posts and get familiar with my work.  We absolutely cannot have an image barren post, so let me share with you a few of my more recent projects that have made my heart happy.

VivianKehTagTrioHiResI love working with lots of media in a style which I call organic grunge.

VivianKehSimplyTextureMiniAlbum_ABut I’m also really comfortable working rather dry, but almost always with a focus on creating sumptuous texturezzzzzz!

"Closer to God" Layout + Video TutorialThis layout uses tons of Clearsnap to create my vascular hot glue effects.  The focal image is a photo taken from my garden haven, currently quite weedy, but my haven nonetheless.  This is where I get just about all of my inspiration, which I share in abundance on my facebook page and elsewhere on the web (links at the top of my homepage).  What’s growing in the garden these days, you may ask?VivianKehSpinach Right now the spinach is happy.  This variety is called Bloomsdale Longstanding – it’s got a nice substantial leaf that I enjoy sauteed.

NasturtiumVivianKeh_WThese nasturtium are starting to bloom – the pooches love munching on the flowers. I believe this variety is called “Orange Creamsicle.”

HollyhockVIvianKeh_WThe hollyhocks I started from seed last year are now flowering.

LadyJaneGreyVivianKeh_WAnd this young rose, “Lady Jane Grey,” is already blooming – notably, the flower holds on the stem for many days!!!

So that’s a teensy weensy intro to me and a few of my loves.  Official Bio on the Clearsnap blog today!  Hope you’ll hop over there to give everyone a warm welcome.  I’m really looking forward to inspiring your art and craft this year, sharing with you some fantastic Clearsnap tools and what you can do with them.  Before I sign off, I have to share with you a thing of product beauty from this yummy manufacturer…

VivianKehIZInkPicMmm mmm mmm!  I’m going to be playing with these Izink inks a bunch in the coming weeks!!!

Bye for now.



20 thoughts on “An Announcement!

  1. Congrats!! Look fwd to seeing many more of your wonderful creations with Clearsnap. Your garden share was sumptuous…hoolyhock color SOOoooo yummy! The rose name certainly implies “staying power” hahaha!

  2. BIG congratulations to you on your new venture. Clearsnap is fortunate to have you. BTW, I love it when you show us all your flowers. My mom used to call Nasturtiums “nasty urchums”. And your hollyhocks are dead gorgeous. Really, really like the tags you did….keep the gun hot 🙂

  3. I dont mean to sound rude, please know this.

    Do people make money from these lovely pieces? Or just doing for their own pleasure?


    Sent from my iPhone


  4. WoW! Viv, congratulations. You really deserve it, and is great to feel your happiness an joy through your words.. You are a great artist and cannot wait to see your projects using this new products, I know they will be awesome..
    Big Hug

  5. Congratulations! I love that white book or notebook. Have you done a tutorial on that? I also love your nasturtium, their leaves are just wonderful! And hollyhocks, I love them, too. Thank you for sharing your garden.

  6. Congratulations Vivian! I am late on this but with doing physio for my complex fractured knee, I haven’t been on the computer as much. I am looking forward to seeing the designs you come up with. I think clearsnap pigment inks were the first ones I bought when I first started stamping in 02.
    Jacquelene L

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