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Mixed Media Honeycomb Card

Hello, my friends!  I hope you are having a great week.  Where has the Contadina been, you may ask?  Oh it’s been so very busy in the garden as of late!  I harvested the last of the snap peas several days ago and the dogs are sad about that. Every single time would go into the yard, the crew would promptly trot over to the vines and wait to be hand-fed.   At first, my food-motivated cocker would wait for me to snip them and feed them to him.  But toward the end, he’d just munch them off the vine all by himself.   Those beautifully veined mustard greens that I shared with you a few weeks ago have begun going to seed.  I’ve harvested otherworldly poppy seedheads for seed and decor.  Kale seeds have also been harvested.  Water emitters have been set on a nice array of melons and pumpkins.  And thanks to a nice stretch of very hot days,  some newly planted cucumbers sprouted in just a few days .  Purple cabbages that I thought were going to die have perked up.  And various patches of soil have been cover cropped with some buckwheat seed to replenish nutrients and add tilth.

In the theatrical department… Did y’all know I was commissioned to write a play?!  Well, I am in the midst of researching that.  In an attempt to be as accurate as possible with the details, I’m actually reading about WWII Hellcats right now :-/.   Whuuuuut?  Truthfully, I’d rather be researching the history of citrus, but I am managing to sneak in some of that delicious reading right before bed every night.

What else?  I am arting and crafting, but a good chunk of it has been behind the scenes stuff that’s “top secret” for now  🙂  I’ve done some dry papercrafting in recent posts, but today I have a mixed media project plus video tutorial to share over on the Sizzix blog.  I hope you’ll stop by with a cuppa joe and take a crafty video break!

Here’s a sneak!



9 thoughts on “Mixed Media Honeycomb Card

  1. That card just makes me happy! Loooove those colors. Such a multi talented lady. Have been enjoying all your garden pics and stories. And you are writing a play? Looking forward to hearing all about it and those top secret crafty things. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • keep your fingers crossed for me, sharon! i’m hoping to see a few projects in print this year! and thanks for commenting on the sizzix blog 🙂 much appreciated.

  2. Love your pretty card on the Sizzix blog. Oh dear… You are so creative and very talented. Incredible that you have time and energy for gardening, crafting plus a thousands other chores…. But grateful that you shared this today !! Thank you so much. Hugs from SPAIN

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