Earrings for Me

What do you consider beautiful?  For me, a slew of words come to mind – unique, imperfect, odd, whimsical, rustic, natural, subtle, simple, handcrafted.   Little details that flashier folks might not even notice – a bit of embroidery, an elegant drape.  I could go on.  I love beautiful things.  But folks, if you met me on the street in my everyday garb, you’d never know it.  Despite my love for all these pretties, there is a huge chunk of my life, the last decades long chapter, in fact, where I tried very hard to dress in a way that would draw no attention.  How shall I describe my fashion choices back then?  All things sack-like?  For the love of beige?

These days,  I’m slowly but surely coming back around, looking at the pretties again, pinning  clothes and jewelry that catch my eye, finding that after the decades long fashion hiatus that my sensibilities have changed a bit.  Here and there, I’m adding a few new lovelies to the repertoire, and starting to think, ‘ By golly, I’ve got a great craft room and fantastic tools which I can use to create some totally unique accoutrement for MOI!  While I am a total newbie at jewelry-making, I definitely want to learn more.  Slowly, I am acquiring tools to start crafting with polymer clay oh yeah boyee!  But for the time being, I’m quite happy to craft simply as I revisit this aspect of craft that’s off the page and on the body. I figure some of you beloved readers are also newbies at jewelry-making and that my adventures might inspire you to jump in and try it, too.  I hope you will.

The challenge over at Craft Hoarders Anonymous this week is Metal or Glass.  So I thought I’d use this opportunity to make a pair of earrings for ME!  They were so easy.

VivianKehSizzixEarrings_1This metal blank was set in a Sizzix Vintaj DecoEmboss “DragonflyPond” folder #657657 and then sent through my Sizzix Big Shot.  (FYI, if you click through the Sizzix link on the right and use my discount code SZ4B, you can get 15% off your order)

VivianKehSizzixEarrings_2If you don’t want to use media but you want to accentuate the pattern, simply sand the surface.  Although I used media in this project, I sanded the blank on the right just a tiny bit for you in order to show you a little bit of the shiny media-free potential!

VivianKehSizzixEarrings_3I, of course, chose to dig into some yummy new media!  Did you see my collection of Clearsnap izinks in my recent announcement post?  I’ve been playing with them and decided to try them out on metal.   Here I used shimmery izink hues in “Cactus,” and “Volubilis,” just applying them with a small brush and swirling the wet pigment a bit on the surface.  The little bit of bubbling you see was actually an accident – the result of setting my heat tool on it while it was drying.  And I like it!  If you don’t, just wait.  Or go have a snack so you don’t become a thumb twiddler or mess it up by impatiently sticking your finger in it while it’s wet.

When the piece is dry, sand the surface to reveal the beautiful dragonfly design.

VivianKehSizzixEarrings_AI sanded with a medium grit, following up with a fine grit to smooth out the raised surfaces and soften the look.  When I was satisfied with the amount of sanding, I added a sealant to so that the copper won’t tarnish.  Then I just pulled open a pair of earring hooks with some tweezers, slipped in my pretties, pressed the hooks shut, and voila!

VivianKehSizzixEarrings_BThe partial transfer of the dragonfly design gives these earrings an abstract beauty.  I’ve worn them several times already and I’ve found that they have really perked up my everyday casual dress.

Do you make jewelry?  Any recommendations for books etc. that helped get you on your way?

I hope you enjoyed my share today!  Thanks for stopping by, and a big thanks to Gloria at Craft Hoarders Anonymous for inviting me to Guest Design this month.


13 thoughts on “Earrings for Me

  1. Vivian, these are lovely! Reading your intro, it reminded me of myself. When I was working my wardrobe tended towards blues, browns, and black, seldom much other color. After I retired I found myself gravitating towards teal, lime green, even some purple (gasp!). I still love my blue jeans and now practically live in sandals, but those vibrant colors usually find their way onto my everyday wear. I’ve been wanting to try some of these Vintaj products, now I have some inspiration! Thanks!

  2. Well knock me over with a feather! Can’t believe you made those beautiful earrings by embossing and sanding. You will receive MANY compliments as you continue wearing them. No one would ever think you were new to jewelry making.

    I like about every craft, and so I have many beads, most of which I sew to my work. My favorite (and one of the most affordable) places I have bought beads, and jewelry findings of all kinds, is Rings & Things. You can find them on line at These folks also have a traveling show that is well worth visiting if they come to your neck of the woods.

    Thank you for sharing these fabulous adornments. No snazzy outfit needed to call attention to these beauties!

  3. Super awesome! I knew you’d make something totally unique! Now, I need a photo of you wearing the earrings!!! Thanks so much for being a guestie this month for Craft Hoarders! I so miss working with you and am super happy to have you with us this month!!

  4. How creative. You are a clever girl! These are just so unique and lovely! Thanks for being a guest designer with us at Craft Hoarders!

  5. Ooooooeeeee. Love your new earrings. Would you pass on what you used to seal them? I have used Microglaze by Judikins in the past with good results but I’m always wondering what others use too. My daughter makes jewelry and helps me out when I start a project and I help her with paper stuff. Thanks for sharing your project.

  6. All I can say is “WOW!” Love these beautiful metal earrings! Thanks for joining us as a guest designer at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

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