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Misting 101: Wet into Wet

Hello, my friends!  I’m so excited today to share my first post as a creative team member at Clearsnap!  What’s going on over there?  Well, I realize that a lot of novice crafters are intimidated by spritzes, so I’ve put together a video, hopefully the first in a series, which clearly illustrates one of the myriad techniques which you can use to create widely varied effects in your projects – this video is all about misting wet into wet.  I am so fortunate to have enthusiastic mixed media followers here who are already quite adept with mists.  So for you, I’m hoping my video will refresh your crafting, sending you straight to your craft space to whip out your mists!  Here’s a shot of the project you’ll find on the Clearsnap Blog today.

VivianKehPairOfCardsI hope you enjoy my video!

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