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Small Gifts with Huge Potential

Like most gardeners, I love to follow the life cycles of the plants growing in our garden.  If I were less lazy, I’d make more notes in the gardening journal.  Despite my laziness with pen and paper, I’m learning and remembering as I go which plants are most beloved by the pollinators.  I am choosing to grow some again simply because of how well they draw the busy bees into my haven.  One new wonder I noticed in the garden this week – bees just hanging out inside my zucchini blossoms!  Like chillin’.  Not movin’, not buzzin’, nada.  If I hadn’t attended a pollinator workshop at the San Francisco Flower Show this spring, I would have thought they were dead.  I wouldn’t have known that they were actually male squash bees, waiting for females to enter so that they could mate!    There are so many different bee species with such fascinating habits – farmers attribute the hunk of pollination to honeybees, but  I’d say a good half of pollination here in my haven is due to native species, which I am happily observing during this gorgeous weather we are having here in the Bay Area right now.

So thanks to all that pollination, I’ve got a lot of seed.  Truthfully, I’ve had such an overwhelming abundance of seed, I’ve only been able to harvest only a small fraction of it.  I thought, ‘What the heck am I going to do with all this seed?’  Then I took a look at the new Matchbook Notebook die from Sizzix’s Where Women Cook Collection, and I knew it would serve to perfectly package a gift of seed, and in just the quantity that suits the backyard gardener.

VivianKehSeedPackage_ASince I really did very little other than die-cut and assemble this lovely, it was crafted in minutes and will make a meaningful gift for folks who love nature like I do.

VivianKehSeedPackage_1What’s the Sizzix sandwich for this one?  On the bottom, I have an acrylic plate, which is followed by the die, my cardstock, and a crease pad.  Because I’m die-cutting a shape with score lines, I’ve swapped out my second acrylic plate for a crease pad.  If you have any doubt, check the packaging and Sizzix will tell clearly you when a crease pad is recommended.


Once I sent my cardstock through my Big Shot, I used a scoring tool to press in those score lines well.

VivianKehSeedPackage_3For die-cut projects in 3-D like this matchbook, it’s a good idea to use really strong double sided adhesive strips.  These are narrow and easy to use with small scale projects.


Stamped some wordage.

VivianKehSeedPackage_5Used two small, simple brads to attach my closures…

VivianKehSeedPackage_6And stamped a nicely detailed butterfly.

VivianKehSeedPackage_7These are some sage seeds that I collected – the blossoms were much loved by the bees.

ContadinaK_041714_BI wrapped them up in leftover wax paper from another project.

VivianKehSeedPackage_7bAnd some tiny poppy seeds.

LaurensPurpleGrapeVivianKehThis is the result of some cross pollination from last year.

VivianKehPoppySeedheadsLPGLove how they pour out the tops of these otherworldly seedheads!

VivianKehSeedPackage_8These adorable little cards cut from the same die and make perfect labels for the seeds.  I just wrapped small amounts of seed in leftover paper and stapled them to these cards.

VivianKehSeedPackage_AThe seed cards fit perfectly inside the matchbook.  Hope you enjoyed my post today.  In such a tiny package lies the potential for such an abundance of beauty and food for bees!

P.S.  I’ve put together a pinnable montage just in case you are on pinterest.



Thermoweb Super Tape Double-Sided, 1/4-Inch-by-6-Yards

Hampton Art – Cling Stamps, Brads
Hemp Twine

8 thoughts on “Small Gifts with Huge Potential

  1. Oh man! How awesomely cute are they?? and what a lovely thoughtful gift to boot! I know my daughter would be over the moon so even the smallest of potential gardeners would love such a gift of the heart. 😀

  2. I know how much you love to work in your garden and that it brings you great joy. What a wonderful way to share that joy. Your enthusiasm shines through. Thank You.

  3. This has been an inspiring post. My daughter is managing a 4 acre organic garden this year. In her former life she is was a neat freak enjoying any cute means of organizing her things. I’m going to think about what special thing I could make to help her keep her stash organized and cute as well. And blessings to the bees…our key to survival!

  4. Hi Vivien, greetings from Ireland.
    I’ve been enjoying your artistic style and wonderful tutorials (and garden snippets!) for some time now. I love this project because I always make home-made Anniversary gifts for my sons/DILs, and this will be a perfect addition for my younger son who shares my love for gardening. Thanks!
    If you like using digital scrapbooking kits, or have an interest in printable cards with scripture verses, I’d love you to come visit my corner of the www. I’d be happy to give something back in return for all the pleasure you have shared with me 🙂
    Juno’s Place

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