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In Love with a New Format

Hello, friends!  How have you been doing?  I’ve been writing my play, and to be honest, experiencing a bit of stress as my deadline nears.  A little stress is supposed to be healthy, right?  Could that be what’s causing the hives I’ve had for the last week lol?  Anyway, I was able to squeeze in some me time to craft and enjoyed the process of making this love themed card.

VivianKehAmourCard_ARecognize the long format?  I am so in love with this oblong card shape and am thinking I’ll stick with it for at least the next few cards.  Hey, these could make cool panel elements in a layout, too.  For more info and detail shots on this project, please come and visit me at the Clearsnap blog today!

Ciao for now,



Bulk Buy: Fiskars Small Lever Punch-Burst .75″ SLP-5463 (3-Pack)


3 thoughts on “In Love with a New Format

  1. I do love this size and shape. It really stands out. This particular color combo is fantastic and oh so lovely.

    Yes! to your hives question…In the most extreme of stressful situations in my life, I have broken out in hives so bad that I have been hospitalized. The 1st time it happened was on my honeymoon. The stress of the wedding and all the details and family “issues” Ugh! Sent me right to the hospital. Actually I suffered for abut 2wks before going to a doctor that only did tests and it was over a month later that I got relief.

    I do hope you feel better soon b/c it is MISERABLE to be so itchy that you can not think straight…ugh! Makes me itchy just remembering!


    • Valerie I’m so sorry that you got such terrible hives! I wish weddings weren’t so stressful. My guy and I got married at the pond where we walk our dogs and our dogs were the witnesses lol but true. No guests. And in retrospect, I’m glad we did it that way. Really no stress. Re. my hives, I went to my allergist and she gave me topicals for contact dermatitis. Turns out I’m allergic to my plants 😦 But that won’t stop me from being out there. Hope you are well! Are you still getting supplies from Papertrey Ink? I want to make an order from them soon!

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