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You’ve Got Mail!

Hello, my dears!  I hope you are all doing well.  I’ve had a nice opportunity these past few weeks to get some major work done in the garden – weeding, mulching, planting, cover cropping, more weeding.  We are also starting the process of converting our front lawn to a water-wise landscape.  If you live in the Bay Area, now is a good time to put this into action as there are several rebates going on right now that will help offset the costs of the transition.  For Santa Clara County this is the site.  Given the ongoing extreme drought we are suffering through, I think it’s an important move to make, and I hope you will consider converting your money-sucking water-hogging grass lawn as well.  I’ve been doing tons of research for that and am so pleased with how much I’ve learned.  Grass, be gone!  And in your place, we shall plant a variety of succulents, salvias, hardy nitrogen fixing shrubs, lilacs, old roses (for their hips), and perhaps down the line, a few citrus trees and some berries!  If you find the variety overwhelming, I suggest putting in just a few drought tolerant shrubs from the approved list and mulching the rest for now.  For most of us, just putting in a few shrubs will be enough to get you your rebate lickety split.

One thing I’ve learned this growing season, there is a potent, deeply satisfying pleasure that comes with harvesting one’s own food.  I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to tell you that my favorite moment this summer was picking a ripe peach off my tree and slurping it up!  It was the best darn peach I’ve EVER had!

So… I am going to pursue an edible landscape that simultaneously serves as a sanctuary for the bees, butterflies, and hummers.  Once the work begins, I will keep you guys posted with pix!

Despite all the work outdoors, I did find time to craft this week, and will have a home decor piece to share with you shortly!  For today I have the most precious die-cut miniature mailbox to share with you.  For this project, I returned to an old and enduring love – kraft.

VivianKehVintageMailbox_AYes, the carrier signal flag is moveable!  And the front opens so you can place a handful of treats inside for somebody special.  One pass through your die-cutting machine is all it takes to cut all the elements in the mailbox.  For three dimensional projects like this, I like to use a good strong adhesive.


This type comes in a roll and has worked well for me.

VivianKehVintageMailbox_2Once my box was assembled, I sanded the edges to make them seamless. The mailbox, as well as the die-cut flowers, were distressed with a new favorite medium – chalk ink!  It blends beautifully and dries really fast.

VivianKehVintageMailbox_3For fast distressing, I scrunched each flower layer and pressed it into the chalk ink pad.

VivianKehVintageMailbox_CKraft always makes me happy – masculine, feminine, vintage, CAS, it can be done up in so many ways, it never fails me, and so it is a supply which I always like to keep well-stocked.   Above is a close-up of the larger die-cut blossom.

VivianKehVintageMailbox_DAnd a close-up of a smaller one with just a dollop of liquid pearls in the center.

VivianKehVintageMailbox_BI hope you are having a great week!  Thanks for stopping by and see you back here really soon!



Core’dinations 80Lb Canvas Cardstock 12″X12″ 10/Pkg-Kraft
Core’dinations G45 Signature Series 12×12 Cardstock Assortmt 3 Each Of 10 Colors
Clearsnap ColorBox Full Size Fluid Chalk Ink Pad: Chestnut Roan
Clearsnap ColorBox Full Size Fluid Chalk Ink Pad: Chestnut Roan
ColorBox Full Size Chalk Pastels, Toffee
Ranger LPL-09719 Liquid Pearls Glue Paint, Platinum, 0.5-Ounce


7 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail!

  1. Such a cute mailbox! Just stunning in neutral kraft. Great shots of the texture. Love hearing about your gardening efforts. Hope you are going to share some pics of the front makeover. Wish I had more time to spend in my yard. Glad to hear you are doing well.

  2. Your mailbox is wonderful. Glad to see you joining the drought tolerant/native plant movement. I’ve been involved in it for several years down in the LA area. Have you thought about putting in lantana bushes? Mine are filled with humming birds and a variety of butterflies. Occasionally the goldfinches visit them too. Happy gardening and happy crafting!

  3. This is such a fantastic present – looks absolutely GORGEOUS. I admire you, growing your own food AND not harming wildlife in the process.
    Take my hat off to you (well, if I had one).
    Rose in Chester, UK

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