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Product Review: Alphabet Stamp Set

I’m working away from my permanent home base right now.  Inevitably, when I pack my craft bags, I end up forgetting to pack a few important essentials.  So I’m attempting over time to pick up craft room staples for our home in Vegas which I will keep here and use when I’m here.  I often like to come up with my own phrases for card projects, minis, etc.  So alphabet stamps have become an essential for me.  I forgot to bring my alphas with me this time, so I stopped by my local craft store to pick up a set that I thought would suffice.


I was looking forward to the wooden barrel on these ones.  They looked like they’d be comfortable to grip, and they are.  Unfortunately, the stamps do not come ready to use.  The stamps are on a round sheet, and they must be pulled off, then each one affixed to a wooden peg.  I am a pretty patient crafter, so this wasn’t a big deal for me, although it did take some time.  My biggest thumbs down on this set has to do with the labels.  Y’all know that it takes a bit of skill to align your stamps well in the first place.  Trying to place these stickers correctly on top of each peg was very very difficult.

VivianKehAlphaStamp_BThe sticker doesn’t fit properly on top of the stamp…  And then, after spending way too much time trying to get them to stick, none of them stay put!  They all fell off, ending up where they don’t belong, like here.


Or hanging off the top, or on my craft mat, or on the floor.  Now what good is that?  I usually don’t do reviews here, but I had such a bad experience with this purchase that I thought it would be  helpful to those of you who craft with alpha stamps and don’t want to waste your money.

This stamp set is from a line called “Creative Cafe, The Little CLASSIC Rubber Stamp.”  You can see what the packaging looks like in the first photo.  After trying to work with these for a few weeks, I’d advise AGAINST purchasing this particular set.  After all that work trying to put the stamps together, not having the stickers stay on top has made alignment impossible.  The reason I’m writing this review is that I’d like to save you guys the frustration of having to put these together and find that their labels immediately fall off, making alignment a big pain in the you know what.

This stamp is distributed by Hampton Art, whose product I must tell you I had always been really happy with until I made this purchase.  For the manufacturer, I’d like to suggest that you do not make alphabet stamps that require assembly.  As with all stamping, it’s really important to have precision, alphas in particular.  If you do continue to manufacture them this way, then please make your labels the right size and with a better adhesive.

For crafters looking for an affordable alphabet stamp set, I’d suggest going with the Studio G line of alphas instead, distributed by the same manufacturer and available in all major craft stores.  Those come in small, red square boxes and work decently for the price. My Studio G set at home has held up to a lot of use over a few years, and only now is starting to fall apart and need replacement.

Hope this helps you guys and you file this info away in your head for the next time you are shopping for craft supplies.



5 thoughts on “Product Review: Alphabet Stamp Set

  1. Thanks for the review. Craft tools can be quite an investment, and I want to spend my money on quality products that are a pleasure to work with.

  2. So sorry that the barrel letter set you wanted didn’t work for you. Personally I would not buy a barrel alpha set since I sometimes stamp whole words at 1 time. I line each word and tape them around the outside to create 1 unit to stamp.

    Glad you are happy in your ‘other’ studio.

  3. So my suggestion and this works for me, take a perm pen, Sharpie, etc. mark the letter on top then right where the top of the letter is on the stamp make a little down arrow at the base of the wood handle.

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