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Embracing Change

During my twenties, I was much more curious about “new age-y” topics.  These days, not so much.  But lately, so many folks who I love have been going through really hard times that it makes me wonder if some cosmic alignment of which I’m completely ignorant is in force.  So much change, which is often so difficult to gracefully move through.  Change thrust upon us, or change we must push ourselves to make in order for our lives to improve.   It’s such difficult terrain.  And yet, it’s smack dab in the middle of change where spiritually, we find the potential to grow leaps and bounds, don’t you think?

I’m working from Vegas right now.  I can feel autumn coming.  Love being here for that.  October in Vegas suits me to a T.  Hubbie has been away for several days, so it’s been quite a lot of time without human contact, just furry collaborators :-).  The most exciting time of day, according to Pupusa, is the walk.  Mabu would counter that the only excitement in our days is “foodie-time.” Anyway, while we do our morning and evening walks, various sensory cues alert me to autumn’s imminent arrival, and I get really excited about the simple pleasures to be savored at this time of year here.  Thinking about truths to be found in nature and the inevitability of seasons passing, I crafted this new card.

VivianKehGessoAsAResist_ASeveral detail shots and a new video tutorial on “Using Gesso as a Resist,” are waiting for your love over at Clearsnap today.  Update – there was a little mix up.  Apparently the video won’t go live for a few more days. Sorry, folks.  I will update you when it does go live from my fb page.


Smooch Spritz Pearlescent Accent Sprays, Sea Kiss
Smooch Spritz Pearlescent Accent Sprays, Wine Berry
Clearsnap ColorBox Art Screens, Blizzard
ColorBox® Spritzers
Clearsnap ColorBox Spritzers, Pumpkin Pie
Clearsnap ColorBox Full Size Fluid Chalk Ink Pad: Chestnut Roan
ColorBox Full Size Chalk Pastels, Pumpkin Spice
Core’dinations 110Lb Smooth Cardstock 8.5″X11″ 15/Pkg-White
Liquitex Professional White Gesso Surface Prep Medium, 16-oz
Loew Cornell 842 25-Piece Foam Brush Set, 1-Inch

Hemp Twine
Decorative Brad
Alphabet Stamps

10 thoughts on “Embracing Change

  1. Your card is beautiful and I will pop on over to Clearsnap to watch your video but first I just wanted to mention your thoughtful comments on change. I felt you speaking directly from your heart and it’s that honesty that infuses your creative endeavors and for me, it’s why your art so resonates with me. Thank you…

  2. I wholeheartedly embrace your comments in the first paragraph. And drastic change later in one’s life (over 60) is especially difficult. Your work inspires me to put aside today’s difficulties (for awhile) and explore new creative outlets that will only enhance new personal growth. Thank you!

    • Nan, I agree so completely as an “over 60” myself! Putting aside the months, weeks and days where “difficulties” rear up – seeing Vivian’s (Thank You Dear ❤ ) work simply makes me feel renewed…and yes, giggly with excitement for the colors and designs…I'm a teenager again! 😉

      • Same here, girls! And YES!! Aren’t her color choices and textures the best!? Doesn’t hurt that this is a leaf image!

  3. I enjoyed your insights on embracing change. Embracing change is sometimes our only choice, positive or negative. I agree that at those times great opportunity for growth spiritually is always present…& our spirituality sustains us. Growing through those times can help us face the future;) I’m certain that I couldn’t find strength for those times without harboring some aspect of spirit. Thanks for reminding me to nurture it.

  4. Hi Viv,
    A long time has passed since I had the chance to leave you a comment, but I am still following your blog and outstanding creativity.. Congratulations on your latest work adventures and thank you so much for being there sharing your excellent designs always full of exquisit details..
    Lots of love

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