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A Card for World Cardmaking Day!

To celebrate World Cardmaking Day, I have a quick project to share with you – a birthday card for my nephew, Oliver, which whipped up lickety split!

Oliver is almost finished with High School!  I can’t believe it!  I still remember him as a toddler, playing with miniature police cars and imitating the sounds they made in Austria, where he spent his early years, “Dee da daaaa, dee da daaaa!”  He was only a few years old, maybe not even 2, and I remember how the little lump of love would get on my yoga mat with me and imitate the poses.  He was the cutest most adorable toddler ever (speaking with complete objectivity) and now he’s grown into a striking young man that towers over me.

For my card project, I wanted to stay away from typically feminine colors.  I also don’t know that boys generally appreciate lots of media or artistic effects in the cards they receive lol.  So I kept my card simple, but tried to highlight the beauty of my die-cuts with soft inking.

VivianKehWCMD_AWhen I saw this die set from Stephanie Barnard for Sizzix called “Balloons,” I fell in love.  Balloons are the perfect symbol for birthdays, no?  They always make me feel happy, whimsical even, and put me in the mood to celebrate.   You can create many cute variations with the dies included in the set.

VivianKehWCMD_1Folks, I am finally reunited with a Magnetic Platform yay!  I didn’t fully grasp how much I loved this thing until I started crafting in Vegas and realized I had forgotten to bring it with me.  This thing has become indispensable for precise placement of my wafer thin dies.  Notice in the pic above the simple sandwich.  You just lay one acrylic plate on top of the platform, your cardstock, your dies (face down), and the second plate.  Then send it through your Big Shot.   Also notice how I want that little heart die to stay put in the center of my balloon die.  The Magnetic Platform snaps those dies right in place.  Remember that if your acrylic plates are old/warped, that will mess with the magnetism.  So when they wear out, get new ones.

VivianKehWCMD_2All these dies snapped in place exactly where I wanted them and didn’t move at all.

VivianKehWCMD_3Once they went through my Big Shot, I decided on an approximate placement.  If you are in a real rush, pure white is lovely, too, don’t you think?

VivianKehWCMD_4I inked all my die-cuts, my mat, and my base with just one warm hue from Clearsnap – Butter Chalk Ink Limited Edition.  Clearsnap’s stylus makes inking smaller pieces much easier than it would be using other, bulkier blending tools I see on the market.

VivianKehWCMD_5Rather than mess with glue, I sent my die-cuts through a Xyron X Sticker Machine.

VivianKehWCMD_BAdhering some die-cuts flat and some with dimensionals added a little play with shadows.

VivianKehWCMD_AAnd I finished a card that will hopefully bring a big smile to my nephew’s face.

Being that this post celebrates WCMD, I ask myself why I make cards.  For me, it’s all about making others happy and reminding them that they are loved.  Simple or intricate, that is always my purpose when I create them.

How about you?  Why do you make cards?



ColorBox Chalk Ink, Butter
ColorToolBox Stylus Handles 3/Pkg-
ColorBox® Stylus Tips 3-pack Oval White
Xyron 150 “X” Create-a-Sticker Machine Assorted Colors


32 thoughts on “A Card for World Cardmaking Day!

  1. Wonderful card and
    I make cards to make
    me happy and by
    giving them away,
    I make others happy
    Carla from Utah

  2. Yes, I make cards often and love doing it! I really, really, really LOVE this card!!! The butter ink on the edges takes it from wow to W O W!! I am going to have to remember this trick next time I am making cards!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. How completely fantastic!! I LOVE how your balloons turned out!!! The sponging is the key and you nailed it!! Really great card and thanks so much for sharing it for World Card Making Day! Hugs! 🙂

  4. Great card for your nephew!! I think you’re so right about not making a fuss on a guy’s card! My grandsons seem to have grown UP rather quickly as well…I can’t seem to get used to them being 6’2″ at last measure!
    Wha happen!?!?

  5. I enjoy making/giving cards so my friends and family know that I think enough of them to take the time to make something special for them. It’s a expression of my love.

  6. This is fabulous with the warm honey edging!! I make cards because even when my life is seemingly in shambles, I can create something beautiful in the little space of a card that brings me joy.
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  7. Love this monochromatic card with the subtle hints of color! I make cards to relax and for creative expression. Cards don’t take a huge commitment of time and I don’t feel the pressure that I do when scrapbooking.

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