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Thinkin’ on Holiday Cards Yet?

Have you started thinking about holiday cards yet?  Thanksgiving?  Christmas?  I have, and since I started making cards years ago, I’ve been learning the hard way to simplify as much as I possibly can during this season of card-giving.  Otherwise, I end up sending out only a few – ackk!  When everyone knows you’re a cardmaker, you can imagine that this can become a problem.  In any case, this is a situation in which something, however simple, is better than nothing at all.  And simple can be oh so very beautiful, don’t you think?

Today I have a card to share which, once again, uses up a scrap!

VivianKehPeaceLoveJoyCard_1This is a square piece of paper that had been used to sop up mists that had pooled on my craft mat.  Trust me, you don’t want to see the backside – but I’ll just say that there was a lot of… “experimentation” done on it 🙂  Good news – this piece was perfectly upcycled for my project!

VivianKehPeaceLoveJoyCard_2The soft transitions in color would work nicely with this Thinlits “Love & Joy” die set from Sizzix.  If you don’t have a Magnetic Platform yet and you are a die-cutting enthusiast, let me share with you why I adore mine.

VivianKehPeaceLoveJoyCard_3This die fit perfectly on my scrap square – I swear this was a happy accident!  But I wanted to make sure to get a perfectly centered die-cut so that I could later use the square frame leftover piece for another project.  With the Magnetic Platform, you just nudge it into place with your finger and send it through your Big Shot.  No tape.

VivianKehPeaceLoveJoyCard_4Can you see the sandwich above – pretty simple with the Magnetic Platform on the bottom, one acrylic plate, your die and cardstock in the middle, and the second acrylic plate on top. I want to share with you the pic below so that you can see when acrylic plates are just about ready to be replaced.  As you can see, these have been used well, over several months of heavy use.  Plates heavily scratched from use should be replaced so that your cardstock doesn’t take on impressions from those scratches, and also so that your sandwich remains flat.

VivianKehPeaceLoveJoyCard_5I die-cut these letters – hey since they’re so perfectly placed thanks to the platform, I’ll be able to use the leftover in yet another project!

VivianKehPeaceLoveJoyCard_6These little holes in the wafer thin dies are there for a reason – they help you easily poke out your die-cut.

VivianKehPeaceLoveJoyCard_AI love this die-cut because it has beautiful words that are appropriate for people of all different faiths as well as agnostics.   While they are words which we have come to associate with the season, I think they are words we should use more throughout the year!

The typography is lovely – elegant curves and script…

VivianKehPeaceLoveJoyCard_CPaired so nicely with print …

VivianKehPeaceLoveJoyCard_BThe die which sports a design that, in my opinion, takes great advantage of the creative potential inherent in die-cutting – beautiful curves and lines, one pass.

I loved how the colors varied in my die-cut, and decided to leave the background white so as not to distract from any of those pretty variations.

VivianKehPeaceLoveJoyCard_DFor the most minimal bit of embellishment, I only added a bit of Glossy Accents to the die-cut letters.   And since it is a holiday card, I just said, “No!” to any extra embellishment lol!

I hope you enjoyed my card today and that you’ll check out some of the Thinlit die sets in this collection from Rachel Bright for Sizzix.  They are really quite stunning.



Pro-Art Strathmore Bristol Vellum Paper Pad, 9 by 12-Inch, 20 Sheets
ColorBox® Spritzers in Pinkolicious
Smooch Spritz Pearlescent Accent Sprays, Wine Berry
Ranger Inkssentials Glossy Accents Precision Tip, 2-Ounce

11 thoughts on “Thinkin’ on Holiday Cards Yet?

    • hi sharon! yes that is a great tool and the crafting industry was begging for it, i think. you must be getting psyched about CHA! i’m starting to feel the need. have you checked out the classes? maybe if i see something i need, that will send me over the edge.

      • Hi back at ya! I am starting to get excited about CHA. Registration was yesterday. Got classes with Tammy Tutterow and Andy Skinner! Think these will both be fun. Would love to see you in

  1. This is a beautiful Christmas card! I landed here somewhat by accident since I was looking for the StencilGirl bloghop. The link I followed, led me to this webpage instead. But I enjoyed my visit; and thank you for showing your lovely card.

    • Hi Cecilia, I’m so thankful you left a comment because my post didn’t go live when it was supposed to. Thanks to you, I was able to fix the mistake. Much appreciated. – Vivian

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