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A Door Opening

Over the last week or so, the bug I caught from hubbie unfortunately rendered me a pitiful, self-pitiful mess.  There were a few days of being feverish and completely out of it, several days of the most disgusting crud coming out of my eyes, and for just about the entirety of it, a raging fire in my throat and copious amounts of phlegm.  Nothing like illness to make you appreciate the simple things, like breathing freely!  After my first decent night’s sleep on Saturday, I started coming out on top of it, thank the heavens, and rushed into my studio for a much missed crafting session.

Today I have to share with you the result of my inky messy play, a mixed media canvas that I am titling, “A Door Opening.”

VivianKehADoorOpening_HiResThe title is a key phrase from one of my favorite movies, “Cloud Atlas,”  which I’m sure will not be everyone’s cup of tea.  But it was such a complex movie with a mind-boggling number of seamlessly connected story lines, so beautifully crafted, super talented cast, I could go on and on.  In the movie, one of the characters is asked to describe her idea of heaven, and this was her response.

Beyond its significance in the movie, the phrase holds so many layers of positive meaning – possibility, hope, courage, keeping one’s heart open, unlocking beauty, curiosity.  And as I draft this post for you, I realize perhaps the reason this phrase has been on my mind today is that it kind of represents how it feels when good health returns and you are able to breathe freely again, as if  you were opening a door to the great outdoors.

I have a video tutorial for this one and the full post on the Sizzix Blog today.  I hope you will come visit me there!


6 thoughts on “A Door Opening

  1. Dear Vivian,
    You are inspirational and I always look forward to your blog and tutorials. Thank you for sharing your inspirations from nature and culture that inspires your work and layers of thought behind each project. Glad you are feeling better! Peggy Jo

  2. “Cloud Atlas” also one of my favorites. I’ve watched it many times. The book was tough going but loved that as well. So happy to see you making juicy videos again. Susan xox

  3. Greetings Vivian, your post about Cloud Atlas, which I have not seen, but feel would open my ‘door’ again, made me take note of several signals coming at me today. I love your canvas and the symbolism behind it….and that you are feeling better. Thanks once again for another inspirational post. Jill xo

  4. Oh, Viv, it’s just so magical and awesome, this is one of you projects (there are more, of course!I that really resonates within my soul.. the colour scheme you used it’s just adorable a total eye candy for me… I really lidentify with these type of projects, perhaps because painting and drawing is what I know best… Your videos are so enjoyable, one never have

  5. Your painting was really beautiful–so free flowing. Can you tell me where you can get the pages with print on them that you used for the leaves. I am new to mixed media and can’t find them

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