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Fantastic News!

It’s time to share some exciting news!  My artwork has been published in the new Cards To Canvas book written by Colleen Schaan and published by Annie’s, publisher of the popular CardMaker magazine.
Cards To Canvas is a book designed for crafters who want to LEARN some stamping and cardmaking techniques, DABBLE in some mixed media fun, and then APPLY those techniques and mediums to canvas wall art (or desk art)!
The 80-page book includes a wide range of product information, step-by-step illustrated instructions for each technique, and 26 beautiful full-color projects (with instructions) that showcase a wide variety of products and techniques.  Some of the topics include: mark-making, stamping and doodling, collage, embossing and adding texture, adding color, faux finishes, and creating backgrounds.
Projects range from whimsical to artsy to vintage and feature something for all skill levels.  The team of talented designers include: Elizabeth Allan, Mindy Baxter, Karen Crossen, Jill Foster, Michelle Houghton, Vivian Keh, Kate Palmer, Sharon Parcel, and Rhea Weigand.
The book is available in either print or digital formats and can be purchased from many of your favorite crafting stores or online bookstores.  Also available directly from Annie’s at:
If you’re anxious to get to know the talented artists whose works appear in the book, I’ve listed their sites listed below!

16 thoughts on “Fantastic News!

  1. Congratulations to you. You are a wonderful talent. And they are lucky to have you in their book. You have many gifts to share with everyone. Looking forward to your next video.

  2. Congratulations. You deserve it so much. I’m happy that your fantastic work will be even more recognized. It’s a well deserved pad on your shoulder !!!!
    Hugs from Monica… Spain

  3. Hi, Vivian,
    So happy to see you included in the book Cards To Canvas. I went to all the blogs, looked at all the artist’s work, and while each is talented and admirable in her own way, yours stands out to me. It’s almost organically grown, not forced or stuck on to fill an empty spot. The only other art I really liked was Kate Palmer’s which has similar quality.

    Please get everyone well, situated and back on their feet so you can have time to do more vids for us Youbers!

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