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From My Garden to Yours

So it looks like we’ll be in Vegas just about a week longer before heading back to California.  This visit was bittersweet – while here, we got some bad news about my father’s health. After learning this, I flew to Florida to spend some time with my family.  Shortly after I returned to Las Vegas, my husband’s father was hospitalized.  So hubbie flew to visit his parents and help them get through some hurdles.   After he returned home, I had a week long visit from my friend, Gwen, which was chock full of crafting, and a nice break from the issues we had been dealing with.  But while she was here, Hubbie got dreadfully ill.  And as soon as she left, I came down with the same awful bug.  He and I are now muddling through the last of it, and by golly, before we leave, I AM going to get a few things done in the garden and we ARE going to enjoy ourselves, even if we are still hacking up nasty gobble-dee-gook!

This last week, I’ve gotten into the garden a few times.  Rosa rugosas, flowering quinces, and autumn olives have been planted in the back and irrigated.  They are tough, thorny varieties, and so perfect for a very sun exposed, elevated plot which the doggies can’t access.  I’m hoping the area will grow into a bird sanctuary which also produces some edibles for us.  In the front, I’ve added some easy succulents.

While weeding and mulching yesterday, I was also able to finally harvest some seed.  The black scabiosa, “Black Knight,” and the white hollyhocks (can’t remember the variety :-/) have happily reseeded themselves the past few years.   I’ve developed an admiration for how well they continue to do here under such extreme conditions.  Since I’ve promised some seeds to a few fellow gardening friends, I thought I’d find a pretty way to send them off, and I’ve got a video tutorial sharing my ideas with you.

I can’t imagine a more personal, meaningful gift than seeds from plants which from year to year have sustained the wildlife in your garden oasis, satisfied your senses, and instantaneously brought you to a blissful place within.  I hope you will consider gifting heirloom seeds for your friends.  If you do it and I do it, I think we will be able to help preserve plant diversity, feed more bees, and just maybe make a positive difference!


Oh, and for those loved ones who don’t have very green thumbs, give them seeds like the ones I’ve shared with you today – seeds that just about grow themselves, asking only to be scattered on the ground.

VivianKehSeedPackets_EI love how the colors blended on this project…

VivianKehSeedPackets_CHow the purples contrast with the limes…

VivianKehSeedPackets_DAnd the pretty imperfections that happen with an uneven gesso resist…


Thanks for visiting with me today!  I hope I’ve inspired you to gift some seeds from your beloved plants!  You just may turn someone’s brown thumb green!



6 thoughts on “From My Garden to Yours

    • oh i hadn’t finished watching the video – the garden is gorgeous – i told i have never seen the black beauty in person – absolutely beautiful!

  1. Darn! I had no desire for this die until I saw these boxes. They are so beautiful! I love the colors and how you did the flower on top. Good for you, saving seeds and passing them on. The flowers in your garden are gorgeous, too.

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